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Bonfire Night party tips

crowd watching fireworks

Planning on firing up the fireworks in your back garden come the 5th of November, or heading off to your local Bonfire Night display?

Whatever your plans, Mumsnet is fizzing with bright ideas for making sure children and adults alike have a blast on Bonfire Night. 

Bonfire parties at home

  • "You need to have a realistic number of fireworks - if you have too many, people get bored and more importantly careless. This is when accidents occur. If guests are bringing fireworks with them, ask them to bring a maximum of three (for instance) so you don't end up with heaps to let off." tigermoth
  • "Timing. Has no one mentioned timing? It gets dark by 4pm but people start parties at 8pm, which means that small children are crabby and knackered. Start family firework parties early, then you get more time for drinking mulled wine." morningpaper
  • "Give children wind-up torches or glow-sticks, so they don't get scared in the dark and can find their way to the loo etc." TheDuchessOfCorpseBride
  • "Use head torches for lighting your way - you look like an idiot but at least you can see what you're doing and have two hands free for incendiary activities." jura
  • "Buy noise-reducing headphones for kids under three to avoid damaging their hearing." twenty-nine
  • "You can never buy enough sparklers. Have loads and loads - everyone loves 'em. And don't forget a camera with a slow shutter speed, so you can take a snap of the filthy words you write." morningpaper
  • "Put your matches in a tin. It always widdles down on Bonfire Night." twentynine
  • "Toast marshmallows and have a ludicrously enormous bonfire and make your own Guy to look like someone you know (but who isn't coming). You need at least three generations of your family there for maximum enjoyment. We stick with the stereotypes in our family - the men light the fireworks and the girls 'ooh' and 'aah' at the pretty ones." Podrick

Organised firework displays

If you'd rather go Christmas shopping early than organise your own Bonfire Night party, then make the most out of other people's firework fun.

To find out if there's an organised firework display on near you, check out your Mumsnet Local site. Likewise, if you know of a great display, please let other Mumsnetters know where and when it's on.
  • "Find an organised display. Fire Brigade ones are always good - and you get to chat up the firemen." PhantomOfTheChocolateCake
  • "Pile off to the local display. Then head back to the house for mulled wine, soup, baked spuds, chilli and toffee apples, all prepared (or bought) in advance." Spockster
  • "Label your child! Kids do tend to go wandering about at large firework parties." twentynine
  • "Go to a charity big do, more environmentally friendly, then back home for food and to watch everyone else's!" stretchmarkSCREAM

And finally...

  • "Don't let menfolk go up to corner shop for more sparklers after a drink has been taken. They will stagger back with a giant firework - the sort which would take out a small continent and requires clearance of around 100ft. When you only have a grass patch of around 12ft square. You will end up swearing and sheltering behind neighbours' cars. All the children will be crying, the neighbours will never speak to you again - and you'll never get the sparklers." fumf

Don't say you haven't been warned!

And if you prefer your pyrotechnics in verbal form, then shoot over to Talk

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