World Book Day photo gallery 2016

You lot all absolutely smashed WBD this year! We even got a little jealous that we weren't dressed up ourselves at Bloggers HQ <makes note for next year>. From Willy Wonka to Baby Bear to a GIANT BOOK, your costumes showed bags of creativity and the kind of sewing skills we haven't seen since GCSE Textiles. So good job to all the parents who stayed up late glueing/ebaying/glittering costumes - you're heroes in our eyes.

In return for your effort, we wanted to show our love by collecting all your wonderful costumes in a gallery. Apologies to you and your little one if you didn't make it in, but keep an eye out for the winner in our newsletter - you'll be receiving a bundle of books!

Last updated: 09-Mar-2016 at 4:19 PM