Top 10 blogging tips

How To BlogWe've trawled the blogosphere for some top tips on how to create a great blog which will keep readers coming back for more and have publishers knocking on your door... here's our advice on what makes a great blog:

  • Be yourself. The main way to stand out is to let your personality shine through. "No two families are the same. People have different opinions and lifestyles – that's what makes blog-reading so interesting." eastereggthief 

  • Keep it short. Blog posts are not like novels, or even like newspaper articles. They need to be interesting and quick to read. This isn't the place for that great idea for a thesis.
  • Be imaginative. To reel in readers, your writing needs to stand out. Is it funny? Personal? Political? Relevant? Original? 
  • Be informative. Your readers are clued-up, plugged-in netizens. So what do you know that they might find interesting? Whatever you write, you need to make it relevant to readers and newsy.
  • Use pictures. Sometimes, a post needs to be solid text. And that's OK. But a full page of words can be just a little bit off-putting.
  • Link out. A great way to encourage visitors is to link to them first. But it's also helpful to link to other info that enriches your post. If you mention an obscure actor, for example, you could link to their Wikipedia page to give your readers more information.
  • Make it all easy on the eye. Lots of people go overboard with colours, fonts and masses of "arty" pictures. In terms of great blog design, less is definitely more.
  • Update often. An untended blog is a very sad thing indeed.
  • Respond to comments. If readers have taken the time to comment on your blog, it's only polite to write back. And it means your blog becomes a lively place for discussion and conversation. 


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Last updated: 15-Apr-2013 at 5:07 PM