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We Believe You
The We Believe You
campaign was launched in March 2012 to shine a spotlight on the prevalance of rape and sexual assault in women's lives.

Mumsnet Bloggers played a crucial role in spreading the word about the campaign.  Some told their own stories, while others busted rape myths. You can see many of their posts via Mme Lindor's bloghop.

Recently, the Julian Assange case has brought the issue onto the public stage once again.

Following remarks by George Galloway MP, Mumsnetters Mme Lindor and StewieGriffinsMom posted to refute his assertion that there can ever be 'degrees of rape', while Cath Elliott wonders what's happened to feminism's male allies in the Assange case. 

Please do read, and respond on the Talk thread. And don't forget to add yours to the linky if you post on this subject - we'll be tweeting about them too using the hashtag #WeBelieveYou.

George Galloway, Assange and 'Legitimate Rape by Mme Lindor
Assange: White Male Privilege and Their Silencing Techniques by StewieGriffinsMom
Assange and Feminism's So-Called Male Allies by Cath Elliot


We Believe You - How Mumsnet Bloggers spread the word

Mumsnetters blogged about We Believe You. Some told their own stories, while others busted rape myths. They linked up their stories on Mme Lindor's bloghop.

Bloggers tweeted about the campaign using the hashtag #WeBelieveYou. MN blogger the London Feminist invented the hashtag #Ididnotreport, where women tweeted about instances of sexual assault that they'd experienced but not reported. These hashtags helped the campaign build up steam.

Guest blogging to support We Believe You

Our guest bloggers busted a different rape myth each day:

bidisha  cath elliott  salt & caramel  brian paddick  

The journalists Bidisha, Cath Elliott, blogger Mme Lindor and Lib Dem mayoral candidate Brian Paddick wrote guest blogs to support the campaign. They raised awareness of sexual violence and rebutted rape myths


Busting rape myths on blogs

Mumsnetters and guest bloggers debunked rape myths on their blogs. Read their inspiring posts on Mme Lindor's bloghop or find out which myths they busted:

MYTH: It's not rape if a woman has consented to some sexual intimacy, or has previously had sex with many partners

BUSTED! by Lib Dem Mayoral Candidate Brian Paddick 

Rape can't take place in an ongoing relationship

BUSTED! by our blogger Mme Lindor

MYTH: Women provoke rape by their appearance or their behaviour

BUSTED! by our blogger, journalist and trade union supporter Cath Elliott

MYTH: Women are most likely to be raped by a stranger, outside, in dark alleyways

BUSTED! by our bloggers AlreetHinny, GentleOtter and LittleMeFrance

MYTH: If a woman didn't struggle, wasn't injured, or didn't report immediately - she wasn't raped

BUSTED! by our blogger and journalist Bidisha

MYTH: Some rapes are serious rapes

BUSTED! by Life and LetterboxesWho Does She Think She IsAttempting the Ordinary and all those bloggers who took *all* rape victims' stories seriously. 


Mumsnet bloggers Dillytante got crafty to support the campaign, knitting 'WeBelieveYou' banners.

craftivism dillytante



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