The Book of YOU: what our bloggers thought

book of you

It's the season for self-improvement, but overhauling your life needn't mean pounding the treadmill at all hours, or eating only air. How about taking one action every day that contributes towards a happier, healthier you?

That's the whole premise of The Book of YOU - that the road to a more fulfilled life is paved with small changes. These are broken down into 365 micro-actions grouped into four areas - Love, Mind, Food and Move - and include everything from setting a go-to sleep alarm to smiling at a stranger. 

The book aims to empower you to make real change and Jamie Oliver has billed it as 'genius' - so we thought we'd see what our bloggers thought. You can read about how they got on with their micro-actions on the linky below, and if you've got a copy yourself, do feel free to add your review, too.

Last updated: 06-Jan-2016 at 5:01 PM