Summer craft round up


We enlisted the very talented Gude from Hodge Podge Craft to guest edit your collection of brilliant crafty ideas - and we certainly don't envy her having to choose! So, without further ado - over to Gude...


Wow, I have had SO much fun reading through all your wonderful craft activities – you guys are fantastic! I love getting outdoors with the kids during the holidays - for example, exploring the woods on a scavenger hunt, or collecting natural materials for some leaf art - but, as we know, our wonderful English weather is not always reliable. So, I like to have plenty of back-up indoor activities, especially crafts. With this in mind, I've split this round up into 2 parts: indoor and outdoor ideas, so you can try something new with the kids whatever the weather… 


activity rocks

This craft from KCEdventures is the gift that keeps giving - first, there's the time spent painting these cute activity rocks, and then, any time they're 'boooorrrred' over the summer, you can send them nice-rock-collecting so they can do some more. What a great way to get kids excited about getting outdoors! 



Kate at Crafts on Sea is lucky enough to live by the beach, but lots of us will take the kids for a day trip to the coast at some point over the hols. Along with sandcastle-building and rock-pool fishing, why not collect some pretty shells - turn it into a treasure hunt! - so you can make this awesome (and easy!) wall hanging when you get home.  

mixing by hand

This step-by-step tutorial for making recycled paper from You Clever Monkey is really simple – even I could follow it. Plus, the results are beautiful. I know technically you could do this indoors, but I tend to think that mashing up paper pulp on the carpet is a Bad Idea... Far less stressful to do this in the garden!

fairy door

This painted stone fairy door craft from The Gingerbread House combines 2 of my favourite things: painting stones (honestly, don't knock it til you’ve tried it) and fairies. It looks utterly adorable, and - as well as encouraging kids to explore nature - provides the perfect setting for a bit of imaginative play.

sensory play

Sensory foam play is a great warm-weather activity. You and your kids can make up the foam in the garden, then have fun exploring its texture and even using it to ‘paint’ with, by smearing it on your windows (with the added bonus of leaving them clean once you rinse it off!) Precious Little World’s recipe is easy to follow and quick to mix up.



I really believe that childhood should be as magical as possible (adulthood too, for that matter!) so this craft from Being Tilly’s Mummy really grabbed my attention. Imagine believing that your parents had caught fairies in the garden and showed you them in a jar – all twinkly and glowing? I am SO trying this one with my boys!


My favourite crafts are those which are both simple to make and use materials that you usually have around the house. In The Playroom’s kitchen paper tube telescopes tick both boxes. Just raid your recycling bin and have a go at these beauties.


Are your kids addicted to loom banding? If you want to try a different design, take a look at this comprehensive round-up (with photos of the finished results and links to tutorial videos) from This Mummy Loves… - it features 10 different loom bracelet designs! I love the ‘Extravaganza’ and ‘Starburst’ best.

salt dough

This is a great craft for a rainy day. Let’s Do Something Crafty had a ball forming these lollies out of salt dough and then baking and decorating them (with plenty of glitter of course!) You can then use them to play pretend ice-cream van, selling them to other family members and making up crazy new flavours!

stained glass

Everything Mummy shows how, with just a few materials and a window, kids of all ages can make a beautiful (temporary) stained glass picture. Kids could either create their own pictures on different windows, or collaborate on one window to make a larger picture for a fun sibling activity.  

These are my favourite craft activities, but you should definitely take a peek at the other crafts on the linky too – there were so many fantastic posts, it was very hard to choose! Happy crafting! x

Check out Gude's blog Hodge Podge Craft for lots of easy crafting activities to do with your kids. 



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