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'This Is My Child' Round-up

This Is My Child

Welcome to our second #ThisIsMyChild post-share!

Back in August, Mumsnet launched its awareness-raising campaign: This Is My Child. The aim of this campaign is to support the parents of children with additional needs by busting a few unhelpful myths - and to open up a conversation about how we can all act together to make day-to-day life a bit easier for these families.

We have a wide range of additional needs parent bloggers on our network, all of them writing with powerful honesty about the joys and challenges of life with their children. So, we thought it was high time we launched a regular #ThisIsMyChild round-up.

Last time, the lovely Tania Tirraro, writer and activist from Special Needs Jungle rounded up a range of brilliant posts (please do hop over and have a read) – this time, we are handing over the reins to the marvellous Hayley Goleniowska from Downs Side Up.

Hayley set up her blog as a resource and source of positivity for new parents to children with Down’s Syndrome, and she blogs regularly about the way her youngest daughter’s condition has enriched their family’s life. She also has a string of blogging awards under her belt, as well as extensive work as a Mencap Mumbassador to boot! Now, over to our guest ed…

This Is My ChildI was very excited when I heard about the #This Is My Child campaign, and I’ve been a follower of the haven where we SEN and disability bloggers can all nestle, shoulder to shoulder, ever since. We can find and offer each other support and advice via blogs and forums, learn new facts and information, as well as dipping into useful resources for our children.

I’m always heartened and bolstered by the level of love and energy and resilience and determination that exudes from your posts, while at the same time being touched by the powerful honesty with which the challenges and worries we all experience along this, sometimes bumpy, road are portrayed.

I was therefore completely bowled over most honoured when Mumsnet asked me to be their guest editor for the next #This Is My Child round-up. I said ‘yes’ straight away… and panicked later!

We all blog for a variety of reasons. I began Downs Side Up to support new parents of children with Down’s syndrome, but it quickly took on a life of its own. It became cathartic for me - a way of working through hidden emotions that so many of you also describe in your blogs. It gave me a renewed purpose - and I enjoyed it.

Maybe you blog to fundraise, to gather other parents together or to campaign for change. But whatever your reason, whatever form your blog takes and however much attention you give it - I’ll wager that your child is your motivation and your muse.

So please join our linky below, from which I will select the next round-up. Would you like to tell us about your child’s condition or a campaign you work on? Or have they done something that has made you particularly proud? Even if it’s your first ever post, do share with us.



Last updated: 28-Nov-2013 at 4:21 PM