Spring style and beauty round-up


Welcome one and all to the first style and beauty round up of the year. Spring is in the air after a monstrous couple of months, and here at MNHQ we have officially switched from coats to jackets (and are only shivering a bit). 

But, before we get too excited about throwing off the woolies, April is indeed the cruellest month, and spring presents its own style and beauty challenges. The sun comes out, and suddenly all manner of buffing and shaving and smoothing is required. 

So, here are some tips - collected from our wonderful bloggers - to peruse before we all step into the no-tights-and-cardy-not-jumper breach. Enjoy. 


Facing one's face

After the havoc winter wreaks on face/body/general sense of worth, it can be tempting to smash up all mirrors everywhere. But that's probably not sensible. So instead, why not see Spring as the perfect time to invest in some new makeup?

According to Voices In My Head, orange is the new colour for lipstick this season. From tangerine onorange the catwalks to a subtle lipgloss, it's everywhere. Although it may take a while to get used to - it's always difficult to try something new makeup wise - Voices assures us that "once you get used to this shade it is a surprisingly good look for day and night". Pair with orange nails for a great matching look.

spring cosmeticsHello Wonderful writes: "I'm very attracted to pastels and brighter colours now the evenings are becoming that tiny bit lighter", and we couldn't agree more. If a whole new pastel wardrobe seems a bit frivolous, a couple of choice make-up items can alter your look just as much - think pretty shades of nail polish or eyeshadow. 




perfect hair

Whilst the above quote may not be entirely true, we can live in hope. 


According to Non Stop Mama, messy, wet-look hair is *the* new hairstyle this season (and we're sure running straight from the shower to the school run counts). Although gel to achieve said look, this may be going a bit far. We - miraculously - manage the messy look Every. Single. Day. Fashion icons, us. 

If you're trying a new hair dye or highlights, using a leave-in product can help to stop your hair drying out and getting cracked or split ends. The Awkward Magazine recommends Neäl & Wølf products if you fancy treating yourself - but if not you can find a cheap and cheerful equivalent in a supermarket!


Spring Style

pastelsIn our book, spring = pastels, and The Pho Diaries agrees. She's put together a gorgeous compilation of her fave pastel pieces which would brighten up anyone's wardrobe. Check out Strolling The City In Heels and South Molton Style for some more great wishlists and inspiration. 

And, much as we love a good winter boot, it's probably time for something a bit lighter.shoes All Worn Out has found some lovely, practical spring shoes that combine style with comfort. 



So, there you have it. Hopefully that sense of impending doom has lifted slightly, safe in the knowledge that when Spring springs, you'll be ready. 

Last updated: 14-Mar-2014 at 11:11 AM