Miscarriage Care campaign - your stories

MC logoToday, we publish the results of our Miscarriage Care survey.  The survey, of over 1,000 Mumsnet users, showed that the treatment and support women receive following a miscarriage often fails to meet the official national guidelines. You can read seven of the most startling shortfalls here.

The aim of our campaign is to get politicians to pledge to improve miscarriage care, based on the principles in our Code, by the end of the next parliament. 

As bloggers, you have a powerful voice. We know how brilliant you are at raising awareness through your words, because we witness it every day - when you type, others listen.

That's why - as well as joining us in asking politicians to make the pledge - we're asking you to share your experiences of miscarriage care.

miscarriage 5Miscarriage is a difficult thing to talk about - but personal stories are a really effective way of making people sit up and listen. If you feel able to, please add your posts - whether they're old or new - to the linky below.

You can find out more about the campaign, and read the full survey results here

Last updated: 16-Jun-2014 at 11:16 AM