Kids in the Car campaign - what our bloggers thought!

kids in car

Do you ever think about the way your driving impacts on the kids in the car with you?

Y'know how kids have that terrifying knack of mimicking the adults around them? Well, most of the time us grown-ups are pretty good at swapping the effs for 'fiddlesticks'...

But what about when someone's just cut you up on the motorway? Shaken and angry, our natural reaction is often a bit of fist-shaking and swearing.

Or what about those times when you've been waiting for somebody to return your call for hours, and they ring just as you're pulling into your road? The temptation can be to pick it up.

That's why Road Safety Scotland and the Scottish Government are running the ‘Kids in the Car’ campaign, encouraging parents to be aware of the impact their driving behaviour has on their little passengers.

The campaign looks to raise awareness of the influence we parents have on our kids in the car so that every time we drive, we understand we are giving our kids a lesson in road safety and good driving practice. It's really important we're aware of what we're doing, especially as in Scotland a driver under the age of 20 is killed or seriously injured on our roads every week.

We asked a few of our bloggers to review the campaign and write about how it had made them consider their driving. Do have a read of their posts below - it's also well worth watching the campaign video, taking the parent promise and completing the questionnaire here.

The campaign also invites children to draw a picture of an adult driving and to upload it onto ‘the gallery’ section of the website. If you have kids under 12, why not download the template and ask them to complete their very own drawing? Please join the discussion at #KidsintheCar or visit the facebook page to find out more information. 

Last updated: 11-Aug-2014 at 11:17 AM