Easter food round-up

easter food

It’s not time to stop eating yet! Even if you’ve overdosed on Easter eggs, we’ve rounded up the best Easter foody treats from our bloggers and we don’t think you’ll be able to resist temptation.

We felt the calories piling on just reading through your delicious Easter food posts, but if there’s ever a time of year when you can eat your body weight in chocolate, surely this is it. From sweet to savoury, read on for a range of mouth-watering recipes that you can have fun making with your kids this Easter. 

creme egg cupcakes

We're not quite sure how anyone could make these gorgeous Cadbury's Creme Egg cupcakes without demolishing the whole pack of the little chocolate-y fondant blighters first, but Taming Twins seems to have managed it, and don't they look dreamy?creme egg cake

 The more hardcore amongst you may want to try your hand at Lavender and Lovage's Creme Egg chocolate drizzle cake. This show-stopping wonder has the benefit of being impossible to consume in one sitting (although we're prepared to try). Definitely not one for the faint hearted... 


hot cross bunIf you fancy doing something a bit different with hot cross buns this year, try Amuse Your Bouche's hot cross bun bread and butter pudding. Add some cinnamon and nutmeg and you're away. A brilliant twist on an old classic, and for once, no chocolate in sight!

hot cross bun

Or perhaps you fancy your hot cross buns with a bit of added luxury. If so, How To Cook Good Food have come up with some rather tasty looking hot cross buns with lemon, rosemary and white chocolate. (And if you're really not bunned out, check out their giant hot cross bun.)


If you're after something gluten and dairy free, try these Easter nests and biscuits from The Free From Fairy. They look rather exquisite with their meringue tops covered in little birdies and chocolate drizzle. It's all rather distracting...

crispy granola

Fab Food 4 All, on the other hand, has given the trusted old classic crispie nest a bit of a re-invention by using granola. These tasty Easter granola cakes are not only really simple to make, but you can use just about any type of granola you like, so the flavour never has to be the same. This counts as healthy, right...?



If you're planning on having an Easter party for the kids, Cakeyboi's bunny lollichops will go down an absolute storm. Not only do they look fab and will keep the kids amused before they've even chomped them down, they're really easy to make. 

veggie nestsStop with the sugar, I hear you cry! Never fear, Over A Cuppa has done something we never thought possible: created Easter nests *without* using oodles of chocolate. These baked veggie nests are making us dribble over the keyboard slightly, and we don't even have to feel guilty about it.


saladIf you really are exhausted from eating all these delicious treats, then don't worry - help is at hand. 21st Century Housewife has provided some rather scrumptious looking spring salads to counteract the excessive consumption of naughty things.egg box

And if you need to use underhand measures to try and ween your children off the chocolate and onto something resembling green food, why not try Oh So Amelia's tactic, and pop some healthy snacks in your kids lunchbox disguised as an Easter egg? They look lovely - and your kids may forgive you one day...

Thanks to all our bloggers for these wonderful recipes. Now, we're off for a lie down...

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Last updated: 16-Apr-2014 at 9:23 AM