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Beauty round-up: Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Beauty round-up

Get LippieHello one and all and welcome to our latest beauty round-up! 
This month we handed over the reins to the lovely Louise from Get Lippie. Her blog is is choc-a-bloc with beauty advice, products and tips - so do pop over and have a ganders

In addition to writing her blog, Louise is also beauty editor for SLiNK magazine, has a sideline in personal shopping AND works as an accountant by day – phew! Over to our multi-tasking guest ed...



"Well, we asked for tips, and by golly we got them!

Thrifty cheats

VinegarBottlemum is all about putting household goods to new beauty uses, and has a surprising tip or two regarding toothpaste, vinegar and that old favourite, baby oil – all courtesy of her mother.

She recommends toothpaste for 'considerably shortening' a spot's life, malt vinegar "tipped into a jug of water and used during rinsing" for super shiny locks, and a drop of baby oil in place of super-pricey cuticle creams.

"Should mum reveal any more alternative uses, I will certainly share. In the meantime, I wish you shiny hair, spotless faces and lovely nails."

Lasinoh nipple creamMeanwhile, The Beesley Buzz has found what has to be the most multi-tasking product of all time, Lansinoh nipple cream(!) - "all those tips and tricks we use Vaseline for, Lansinoh seems to be able to do all that and more. A little really goes a long way, so a tube of it will last absolutely ages".

She recommends the cream for soothing cracked heels, eczema and nappy rash and says it can also come in handy as a hand cream, protective body lotion and lip balm!


Pricing Primer

PrimersAnd on the subject of saving money, Charlotte at Write Like No One's Watching has been busy comparing primers and wondering which ones are worth the price-tag.

For a bargain base she loves Garnier's reasonably-priced Perfect Blur Primer:
"why spend twice the money, when you could buy a bottle of wine and a nail varnish with the difference?"
 We like this logic very much!


Quick fixes

17 trio eyeshadowBeautySwot has shown us how to enlarge our eyes with the clever use of makeup:

"Whilst I can wish all I like to have bigger eyes, it will never happen so what I have to do is try my best to give the illusion of bigger eyes".

She suggests going for a subtle colour round the eye such as 17 Trio Eye Shadows in Enraged and adding definition with a subtle pencil – she uses Clinique Cream Shaper in Chocolate Lustre.

Meanwhile, Cath Bore thinks that red lipstick is one of the finest things in life (something this beauty editor has to heartily agree with) – her go-to shade is Ruby Woo from MAC

MAC Ruby Woo"Red lipstick gives confidence, like a magic elixir. Every woman looks great in it, no matter the age. It enhances any skin tone, adds a slash of unexpected colour, elegance."

Thanks to everyone who shared their tips, and here's wishing you a lovely summer!"



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Last updated: 28-Jun-2013 at 12:03 PM