Spring Beauty round-up

Beauty round-up

Bright Town Girl

Welcome to our spring beauty round-up!

Last time we looked at your new year's beauty resolutions, tips and products for 2013. This time round the lovely Alice of Bright Town Girl asked you to share your spring beauty habits and you didn't disappoint, providing us with heaps of fresh beauty inspiration and ideas. Here's Alice's round-up of all your hottest tips...


beauty spring"Well finally we have had some sunshine, so what perfect time to share your posts on Spring beauty. Thank you to everyone who got involved, it was great fun reading all your tips!


Spring cleaning

We will start with a little spring cleaning - at this time of year, Minimum The Bare systematically empties out all her toiletry and cosmetics baskets and gives them a clean. She bins any unwanted and out-of-date products and makes note of any than are running low – full points for organisation!


No 7 foundationBack to bases

Minimum The Bare also likes to spring clean her make-up, moving from a winter base (her latest favourite is Barbara Daly's moisture foundation) to something with a bit more glow, like Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. She also shelves her Benefit Dandelion blusher in favour of their PosiTint cheek stain.

Bump To Baby Blogger also changes to a lighter make-up base for the spring months – "My make up must have is the No7 BB Cream. It does it all, moisturises, protects (SPF 15), covers and acts as a foundation" – sounds good to me!Bobbi Brown tinted moisturuser

Lashes And Little Ones reminds us that even in the warmer months your skin can still be dry. "I find that the drier my skin is, the harder it is to get an even base. The Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturising Balm is akin to a tinted moisturiser, but gives a little more coverage - and is absolutely sublime."


Colouring in

MAC Vegas VoltNow the sun is out we all start to reach for more bright and pastel colours. On the bolder front, Honey Go-Lightly recommends MAC lipstick in bright coral Vegas Volt, whilst for a lighter, summery hue she's a fan of Topshop's lipstick in baby pink 'innocent'.

A bit of blush and bronzer is just what you need to add some colour to your skin. Write Like No One's Watching contours with the Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder to add definition. She then swirls a dusting of Natural Collection's Blush in Peach Melba on the apples of her cheeks - peach is a pefect colour to add that spring glow.


Ruby Wing nail varnish

Nailed it

With make-up revamped, it's time to move on to the nails. I'm a big fan of a well-manicured nail and Tales Of A Pale Face has discovered Ruby Wing Colour Changing Polish in Moonshine, which cleverly changes colour in the sunlight – the perfect indicator that Spring has actually sprung!


The nail art trend seems to be getting bigger by the day - and spring is a great time of year to get a bit creative with your nails. 

Barry M nailart pens

Fashion Beauty Etc has been trying out some Barry M Nail Art Pens - "with a little time and effort you can create some awesome designs". These seem pretty easy to use, as well as being lots of fun.

For a subtler, more work-friendly spring option, Tales of a Pale Face recommends Barry M Gelly nail paint in Prickly Pear. She says "these hi-shine polishes give a great gloss, and the lilac colour is really pretty for spring."


Butter London nail varnish

Face Value Beauty Blog agrees that 'pastels are the epitome of spring'. She recommends Mint Green nail polish from H&M – "I love mint green as a colour. It reminds me of mint choc chip" - and who wouldn't love that? 

But if you're not quite ready for ice cream yet, Stephanie Pomfrett recommends Butter London's Victorianna nail polish because "it's the perfect shade of Russian blue – kind of the colour Earl Grey would be."


Some great tips there - we'll all be bright and cheerful, even if the weather isn't!

That's it for this month's beauty round-up. Now I'm off to spring clean my make-up drawer."

Self-confessed beauty obsessive Alice Fawcett blogs at Bright Town Girl. Alice updates her blog regularly with advice on the latest beauty trends, developments and products – so do check it out!


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