Summer Beauty Round-up

Beauty round-up

Welcome to the Mumsnet Bloggers beauty round-up!

London Beauty QueenLast month the lovely Bright Town Girl brought together all your spring beauty wisdom. This time the fabulous Hayley aka London Beauty Queen asked you to share your summer preparation secrets. This round-up has had a pretty quick turnaround - so do feel free to continue to add your posts to the linky, and we'll update the roundup in a while.  In the meantime, here's Hayley's round-up of your hottest tips so far...


"Well, the sun definitely arrived - I'm just not sure where it's run away to now. Although the summer seems to be as indecisive as a contestant on Pointless, we still need to be prepared for when it suddenly makes an entrance. I loved reading all your posts and tips on how to get summer-ready.


Summer in a (nail varnish) bottle

coral nails

Gemma from Gem's Maquillage loves a coral nail to get her in the mood for Summer:

"For me, coral is a year-round colour - thanks to my Mum being pretty much obsessed with it (she calls it her colour). And when the spring and summer months come a'knockin' it's definitely a firm fixture in my life."

Jayne from British Beauty Blogger certainly agrees, sharing these amazing coral shades from Dior's Le Vernis Summer Mix:

Dior coral

"This line up just puts a smile on my face... I love this little collection from Dior, hitting Selfridges 9th May. It's everything summer."


If there's one shade to take you into the next season, then it's most definitely a happy shade of coral.




Bright Town Girl is being super organised by getting her body in tip-top shape before the summer truly hits:

"The sun seems to have disappeared again over the last few days but I am still prepping my body ready for when it shines again. I thought I would share with you some of the products that I use to help my skin look good enough for it to be on display."  

Botanics scrub

She starts off with a good old scrub and polish - 

"I use Botanics moisturising sugar scrub, which gets rid of all the dead skin cells and makes my skin feel smooth an soft. I then follow that up with Jason's Apricot Hand And Body Lotion. Firstly this smells divine, a true apricot fragrance that lingers on the skin. It also leaves your skin feeling hydrated and smooth with a slight sheen."

And for tanning, she recommends a twice-weekly application of Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronzer Gradual Tan

Summer beauty

"I have very fair skin which doesn't tan very easily so I would rather fake it than damage my skin by sun bathing. This is easy-to-apply and gives you a natural tan after one application - perfect for those tan newbies."


Hayfever Prep

Bettina from Beauty Swot has shared her hayfever survival kit, which includes everything from wrap-around sunnies, to nasal spray and eye drops:

waterproof mascara"Spring/Summer is usually agony for me, as although we can enjoy warmer temperatures and the sun shining.. it also means looking forward to itchy and watery eyes, an itchy throat, constant sneezing and puffy sore eyes by the end of the day."

To combat the inevitable smudging entailed by a watery eye, Bettina suggests a waterproof mascara such as L'Oreal False Lash Architect Waterproof.

As someone that suffers from the dreaded runny eyes and nose, her tips were very welcome <sniff>.


Thanks to everyone that shared their entries and here's wishing you a fun filled (and hot) summer!"


Do feel free to continue to add your posts to the linky - we'll update it in a wee while.

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