retiresavvy portal - what our bloggers thought


Have you started planning for retirement yet?

Skipton Building Society asked MN Bloggers to check out their new website portal, retiresavvy, and explore what it's got to offer.

As we're all well aware, retirement (even if it seems a long way off!) is one of the biggest social issues of today.

While benefitting from the backing of Skipton as a respected mutual financial services brand, retiresavvy is a community in its own right. It has its own ethos and purpose centred around giving those planning for and in retirement a powerful voice.

Retirement is no longer a subject for "oldies", it's something everyone should be considering - and this is particularly true of mothers. "Mums are among the hardest hit groups" say Skipton "as we know they often need to contend with all of the above and to also make room for career breaks or reduced hours to make time to be mums."

So, what did our bloggers think? Read their posts below to get a flavour, and do check out retiresavvy yourself too. 


Last updated: 28-Apr-2015 at 10:46 AM