Parenting confidence from the mouths of bloggers

nurofenWe've teamed up with Nurofen for Children to ask our MN bloggers to share their best advice for new mums - on everything from how to feel confident as a new parent, to managing the first fever or sniffle and the rollercoaster of emotions that goes with every step.

Here's what the team at Nurofen for Children say: "It's no surprise that in our survey almost nine in ten first-time mums reflect on having a baby as a life changing experience as they rework their normal routines to take care of their little one (i). During their baby's first year, mums say they felt the biggest impacts on their relationships, work life and friendships (i). Our research shows that, on average, it takes a first-time mum six months to feel confident as a parent (i) and for almost half (47%), the health of their child is one of their biggest parenting worries (ii)."

nurofenSee below for our bloggers' unique take on parenting milestones, and discover their handy tips to help boost your confidence.

(i) Survey of 2000 mums by One Poll, commissioned by Nurofen for Children (October 2013)

(ii) Survey of 2000 parents with a baby under six years old, commissioned by Nurofen for Children (May 2014) 

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