npower want to hear about your #familysuperpowers

Share your own at – those special parenting skills you never knew you had - for a chance to win one of three UK theme park resort breaks!

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Be it extreme multitasking, or just getting the kids their 5-a-day, npower want to hear all about your greatest achievements - those moments where you successfully do the impossible for your family. npower want to celebrate the amazing superpowers parents discover when they start caring for young babies and children, be they innate or learned.

npower have sent Peter and Emily Andre off around the country to seek out unique individuals who are parenting with amazing superpowers – people with upbeat, interesting and engaging stories related to caring for babies and/or young children.
From the parents of quadruplets and twins who can handle several bedtimes at once, to a nursery owner and parent who has perfected the tricky skill of getting young children to eat their greens, these heart-warming and inspiring stories will work as a springboard to celebrate the amazing superpowers that all parents possess – and hopefully help them hone a few more!
Parents will be able to share their own superpowers via or on Twitter using #familysuperpowers - both of which will give you a chance of winning one of three amazing UK theme park resort breaks.
Watch our bloggers' stories about their family superpowers below and then share your own with the #familysuperpowers for a chance to win! 


Last updated: 06-Feb-2017 at 4:54 PM