's Storytime Sounds - what our bloggers thought



Back in the summer, launched a brand new iPhone app called 'Storytime Sounds'. The idea is to add an extra element of fun when you're telling your (already, we're sure) cracking yarns to the kids, by giving you a range of sound effects to add in. 

It's a brilliant way of bringing your story to life, whether you're reading 


from a book for making up your own, and there are loads of themes to choose from. You could explore outer space one night, visit a lost world the next, then sail the seven seas. *And* it's free to download from the app store. 

Now, as 'tis the season to be spooked, they've launched an update just in time for Halloween! So, when your kids are clamouring for *another* chilling tale come October 31, you can download the app for free and give your scare-a-thon that extra layer of authenticity. have even written their own short story to get you started. 

We asked a handful of our bloggers from our fab bloggers panel to give the app a spin, so have a read of the posts below to see what they thought - and if you've tried's app already, do add yours, too!  


Last updated: 30-Oct-2014 at 5:27 PM