Motherhood and creativity - thoughts from Blogfest

At Blogfest '15, a cracking panel debated whether motherhood is a curse or a catalyst when it comes to creativity. Here are some words to inspire you...

1. On becoming a mother

"There's an old Punjabi saying 'When a child is born, two people are born; a child and a mother'. When you become a mother there is forever a sense that part of you is elsewhere." - Meera Syal


2. On the importance of self-expression

"There are two different kinds of creativity - creating for others, and as self-expression. For me, blogging was a way of developing and expressing my new sense of self." - Catherine Mann

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3. On tapping into new emotions

"Becoming a mother made me a better writer and actress - I was more plugged into emotions, and more empathic." - Meera Syal

"As a writer, as many emotions as you can have will only feed your creativity." - Polly Vernon

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4. On finding a partner in crime

"An understanding partner is crucial." - Meera Syal

But "Don't be grateful all the time. Stop thanking people for doing things they should be doing anyway." - Bridget Christie

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5. On making time

"If you want to write, just write - in whatever time you have. If you don't, it won't happen." - Polly Vernon


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