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Michelin Total Performance: what do bloggers say about tyres?

Michelin manBack in October, over 1,000 Mumsnetters completed a survey for Michelin on tyres and tyre safety. It's an often overlooked subject, but *so* important when you consider how much we rely on our cars, especially when we have kids.

Questions included things like how often do you check your tyre pressure? Where do you buy your tyres from? And who looks after this aspect of car maintenance in your family?

The findings were 'gripping' (geddit?) stuff, and now, a selection of our brilliant bloggers have reviewed the research and given it their own personal 'spin' (and again...)

Michelin say that their Total Performance tyres bring together the optimum mix of performance areas, like grip, long-life and fuel saving, and that they're perfect for the daily driving challenges that Mumsnetters face. 

So watch the Michelin Total Performance video here and be safe on the roads by finding out the reality behind some winter driving myths

Do have a look at our shiny infographic below, and have a read of the posts to see what our bloggers thought!




Last updated: 03-Dec-2014 at 5:22 PM