#MatalanModernFamilies - what does family mean to you?

matTo celebrate 30 years in business, Matalan have been doing some really interesting research into what makes the modern British family.

They've already polled over 2000 families across Britain - and now they're after your thoughts on what family means to you. There are five £100 Matalan vouchers up for grabs for taking part too! 

After chatting to folk up and down the country, one thing became clear: the definition of family in 21st century Britain isn't '2.4 children' anymore - and Matalan think this redefining and reshaping of family life is something to be celebrated. 

Matalan found that modern families are much more likely to be ‘blended’ arrangements that span generations, and include multiple parental figures and homes. Single parent families, LGBT parents and older mums and dads - all are part of the tapestry of UK family life. 

We're also much better at keeping in touch with our extended clan now - technology has had a big effect, and family members on opposite sides of the globe can communicate at the click of a button, so physical separation no longer needs to mean emotional distance. 

Maybe you're part of a blended family, or have grandparents around to help with childcare? What does the modern family mean to you? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Add your posts to the linky below - everyone who does will be entered into a prize draw one of those £100 Matalan vouchers.

You can also get involved by sharing your family portrait here - and then tweet it to @Matalan using the hashtag #MatalanModernFamilies



Last updated: 29-Apr-2015 at 4:28 PM