Is your littl'un #AllGrownUp? Join our Twitter party!

We'll be talking independence, milestones and money with Nationwide on Wed 16 November 1-2pm - join us and you could win a £250 voucher!


From those first wobbly steps to flying the nest for university, it seems our kids are always on the quest for independence - and it's our job as parents to help them. So how can you make sure they're ready for whatever the world throws at them?

One of the most important things you can instil is confidence - and being savvy with numeracy and money is a huge part of this. Whether your child is making their first solo trip to the cornershop, or setting up a savings account, how can you make sure they have the skills they need? 

We'd love you to share your tips - as well as your tales of when you realised you baby was getting #AllGrownUp. Perhaps it was the first time you gave them pocket money, or when they got their first Saturday job - we'd love to hear about your special moments. 

Tweet @MumsnetBloggers on Wednesday 16 November and share your advice and stories about letting your little ones spread their wings (and don't forget to use the hashtag!). What's more, there's a £250 voucher up for grabs for one lucky partier!

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Last updated: 11-Nov-2016 at 2:58 PM