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What does modern family life look like to you? Join our Matalan Twitter party and win £250 vouchers


Join us on Wednesday 29 April between 1-2pm for our #MatalanModernFamilies Twitter party!



The lovely folk at Matalan have been doing some really interesting research on the concept of 'family' recently, and have invited you all to a Twitter party to talk about what family means to you. There's £250 of Matalan vouchers up for grabs for taking part too!

Matalan have found that the '2.4 children' model is no longer the norm - in fact, only 11% of people they asked would describe the modern family as 'typical'. Parents are starting their broods later, grandparents are more involved in childcare, more LGBT couples are adding to their families, and twenty-somethings are returning to the nest.

Matalan reckon this redefining and reshaping of family life is something worth celebrating - which is why they're asking you to tells us what modern family looks like for you and your loved ones. What do you do for fun as a family? How do you stay connected? How do you manage day-to-day childcare? What does 'family life' mean to you, and how has it changed since you were a child?

mod 2We'd love to hear your thoughts on the modern family, so do join our Twitter party on Wednesday 29 April, between 1-2pm. To take part, all you need to do is tweet @MumsnetBloggers and @Matalan and tell us about your family - and don't forget to use the hashtag #MatalanModernFamilies.

Everyone who enters will be in the running to win £250 of Matalan vouchers, so you can kit the whole clan out. See you there! 

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Last updated: 20-Apr-2015 at 11:37 AM