#Lollipoppers Twitter party: Share your school run tips

Tuesday 29 November is National Lollipopper Day, so we're celebrating the school run with Churchill. Join us for a chance to win a £250 voucher!


Surviving the school run is a parenting rite of passage - and we're constantly on the hunt for ways to make it more manageable. One thing that's sure to brighten your morning is a lollipopper. Their cheery smile seems to be as much a part of their uniform as the yellow coat, and it's always good to have that extra peace of mind when you're shepherding littl'uns across the road.

We'd love to hear about your lollipoppers and the hard work they do - whether you want to give a shout out to the lollipopper guarding your children's school gate, or have fond memories from your own school days.

Plus, we want you to share your hacks for the school run. What makes it easier to get out the door - and back in again? Perhaps you always prep lunches the night before, have a ‘no TV until you've brushed your teeth' rule, or have some advice for making sure your kids cross the road safely. Share your tips with @MumsnetBloggers using the #Lollipoppers hashtag on Tuesday 29 November between 1-2pm and you'll be in the running to win a £250 voucher.

Churchill is committed to making the journey to school safer, which is why it's launched a fund to put more lollipoppers on the streets nationwide. On National Lollipopper Day, we'd love you to join us in celebrating these hardworking men and women, and share all your school run tips - we'll see you on 29 November!

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Last updated: 29-Nov-2016 at 9:36 AM