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Join our Nurofen for Children Twitter party and win a £200 love2shop voucher!

Join us on Thursday 11 June between 1pm and 2pm for our #NurofenForChildrenComp Twitter party.

nbThe lovely people at Nurofen for Children have invited us all to a Twitter party - and they're giving away an amazing £200 love2shop voucher to one lucky party-goer! All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is tell us your best tip for parenting confidence. 

When you're raising little'uns, there is a lot of room for self-doubt. But you know those moments when you feel like you've totally got it under control? When you're super-mum, making brilliant decisions and generally winning at this parenting lark? *That's* what Nurofen for Children want to celebrate - so tweet us @MumsnetBloggers, using the hashtag #NurofenForChildrenComp, with your confidence-boosting tips - we'd love to hear them. 


Nurofen for Children tell us that their research shows that 64% of parents say being able to soothe their child when they are upset makes them feel confident. Over half said that being able to get their child off to sleep or knowing why their child is crying improves their parenting confidence, and 4 in 10 said having the support of the their family, peers or partner gives them more confidence (1). Parenting confidence can also be helped by brands you can trust - 9/10 parents who used Nurofen for Children would recommend it to a friend (2).

How to take part:

All you have to do is share your tips, tricks or stories about being a confident parent with @MumsnetBloggers using the hashtag #NurofenForChildrenComp on Thursday 11 June between 1-2pm, and you'll automatically be entered into the draw to win a £200 love2shop voucher.

You can find out more about Nurofen for Children here, and you can also download your free Nurofen for Children Confidence Collective Kit here


Terms and Conditions:

1. All tweets which contain the hashtag #NurofenForChildrenComp. AND a tip, story or comment about how to feel confident as a parent will automatically be entered into the draw.
2. One winner will be chosen at random from users who tweet about confident parenting and include the hashtag #NurofenForChildrenComp, between 13:00 and 14:00 on 11 June 2015 BST.
3. The first entry drawn randomly after 14.00 on 11 June 2015 BST will win a £200 love2shop voucher.
4. We will notify the winner via a direct message (DM) to the Twitter account they used to enter the draw.

For full terms and conditions, click here.   

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1. Survey of Survey of 2,000 parents by OnePoll. March 2014
2. Survey by Mum's Views of 225 mums ‘9 out of 10 mums who used NfC would recommend it to a friend’. Last accessed August 2013.

Nurofen for Children Cold Pain & Fever 3 months to 9 years Orange / Strawberry. Nurofen for Children Orange / Strawberry 3 months to 12 years. Contains Ibuprofen. For relief of cold and flu symptoms, mild to moderate pain and reduction of fever. Always read the label.

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