How to Use Pictures on Your Blog

Why use pictures on your blog? 

Images are an important way of breaking up text, catching the reader’s eye and generally spicing up your blog. Here's how to add them in Wordpress, and how to add them in Blogger.

Good Practice for Pictures

Some blogs lend themselves to pictures more than others – for instance, food or fashion blogs. Some blogs are even made up purely of pictures!

But if your focus is great writing in your blog, we’d say that you should:

  • Aim for one picture per post.
  • Keep your pictures medium-sized – too small and the readers can’t see them, too large and they might slow down the whole reading experience.
  • Include pics that are relevant to your post, and eye-catching.


Picture etiquette: how to post pics without upsetting people

picture etiquette for blogs

- If you’re posting pictures of people you know, it’s best to ask their permission first. They might be surprised to find you’ve posted that pic of them doing a handstand with their belly hanging out!

- Think carefully about posting pictures of yourself or your children if you have an anonymous, or semi-anonymous blog.

  •  If you can, use your own pictures or images that are in the Public Domain.
  • If you’re using other people’s photos or illustrations, you must get in touch to ask if you can use their picture on your blog. You’d be surprised how nice people usually are about this – but if you don't do so, you'll be infringing their copyright.
  • Once you have their permission to use the image, always credit the photographer/illustrator below the picture.


SEO: How to make your picture hit the headlines

how to make your pic hit the headlines

Name your pics When you save your pictures before you upload them, it's worth giving them a name that search engines can recognise. Delete any strange numbers or date tags on your picture, and call the picture something obvious. Remember 'Mother and baby cuddling after birth' is going to be much more searchable than 'MABCAB' or even 'Josephine and Boo'. Generic descriptions are better than names on the whole. Unless your name is Madonna.

Add an 'alt' tag
. Remember that you can make your pictures work for you, and earn you more hits from the blog search engines, by adding an ‘alt’ tag. Alt tags are little labels for pictures which search engines can read, so they’re another way of letting the search engines know that you’re On The Web.

Add an 'alt' tag in Wordpress

When you’re adding your picture, remember to type something into the ‘alt text’ box in the ‘add image’ menu.

Add an 'alt' tag in Blogger
After you have uploaded an image in your post, click on the image and a toolbar will appear.
Adding an alt tag Blogger
Select the option "Properties" on the toolbar.

The Image Properties window will then appear, here you can type in the ALT text for your image, which will help Google pick it up on searches.
Adding an alt tag Blogger


Last updated: 09-Jan-2014 at 12:54 PM