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How to add tags, keywords and labels to your blog


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What is a keyword? | Why label your posts? | How to add keywords in Blogspot | How to add keywords in WordPress | How to use Google KeyWords

What is a keyword?

Keywords are also called labels, or tags. A keyword is like an entry in an index: a one or two word phrase relating to the content in your post. Using keywords is a way of organising your material, like having a virtual filing cabinet bursting with posts. Keywords appear at the bottom of blogposts. 

In Blogspot keywords are called labels and look like this:


In WordPress, a keyword is called a 'tag' and looks like this:


Why add keywords to your posts?

Keywords (labels, tags) help you, your readers and big search engines to search through your blog to find the juicy stuff. It’s worth doing.

How to add keywords to your posts in Blogger

adding labels,tags, keywords in Blogger

When you're writing your post, you'll see the 'Labels' box on the right-hand side. Type your keywords in here - remember to use commas to separate them, and to type in one or two word keywords rather than whole sentences. You want to include specific details that you've mentioned like 'St James Park' or 'Ceebeebies' in your post, not just general umbrella topics like 'fun' or 'weekends'.

Press 'Done' once you've entered all the keywords you want.

Tip: you can click keywords you've used before just below the text box to use them for your new post too.  



How to tag your posts in WordPress

Once you have finished writing a post, find the ‘Tags’ box below on the right and type in the tags that you want to include for your post.  For instance ‘tags, keywords, labels, Wordpress, Mumsnet Bloggers Network, How-To’. Use commas to separate out keywords.


Press ‘Add’ before you press ‘Publish’. Your post will go live with the keywords attached.  


NB: If you are adding keywords to previous posts, remember to press ‘Update’ after you’ve added them to make sure they appear on your posts. 


Use Google KeyWord to make your keywords more effective

So you're using keywords (tags, labels; call them what you will). Now you need to make sure that those keywords get you places. There's a red carpet in cyberspace and by pushing the right buttons and talking to the right people, you can roll right down it.

First, find the Google Keyword tool. Type in the words that best describe your post: for instance, 'advice, tips and instructions for Mumsnet bloggers'. Or input the web address that your post's at: like www.mumsnet.com/bloggers/how-to-tag .

google adwords keywords

Then hit 'search'. You'll see a list of keywords that users type into Google, along with an assessment of how many other websites are competing for that term. Find a few terms that have the most hits, and the least amount of competition. THESE are your best bet.

Using the instructions above, add them as labels (tags, keywords) to your posts, and they should open doors to the best SEO around.

Last updated: 15-Apr-2013 at 3:32 PM