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How to promote your blog with social media

So you’ve started blogging but no-one knows you’re out there. If you’re keen to find new readers, start with social media. Here’s a quick rundown of four main social media tools that can help you promote your blog, find an audience and boost your traffic:

Mumsnet Bloggers Network

Mumsnet bloggers networkApply to join our network and your blog will appear on our homepage and listed in our directory. This will help people (especially parents) find your blog and give you a leg up on Google.

Use our forum
 Once you've been accepted into our network, get your blog out and about on the bloggers forum. Include your URL where it’s relevant so others can find you. We don’t want you to spam our forum shamelessly but sometimes sharing your blog with the right people on Mumsnet can really earn you new readers. An old-fashioned ask - “Will you read what I’ve written?” - can go a long way.



Twitter is a worldwide forum where you can strike up a public conversation in short 140 character messages, which anyone can see and reply to. Here are some top tips on how to use Twitter to promote your blog posts:

Join Twitter and start a chat with just about anybody: fellow bloggers, top politicians, writers, your milkman… People who tweet are nosy by nature. Chances are they’ll swoop to your blog if they like what you say. So tweet up a storm and see what happens.

"Although you have 140 characters, always try to write 126 characters or less, including the link to your blog. Why? Because then other people, like me, can re tweet your tweet without having to edit it. If I have to edit it to RT (retweet) it, I most likely won't bother to. Use something like tiny.cc or bitly - a url shortener to get your blog into your tweet without using up valuable characters!" BirdFromDaNorf tweets it like it is.

Remember, Twitter is very public.

"As for the Twitter flirting …seriously, find your Direct Message column and use that inappropriately instead." Typecast 

Once you’ve joined…

  • Email us with your Twitter handle and we’ll add it to your Mumsnet blog profile. That way, we can help you promote your blog on Twitter and readers can find you there, too.
  • Add a Twitter widget to your blog. This nifty gadget links your blog to your Twitter account – it shows people that you’re on Twitter and gives them a way to carry on the conversation beyond your blog. Here’s how to add a Twitter widget to your blog, whatever platform you’re on.
  • Use Tweetmeme. This is a widget that lets readers recommend your blog posts on Twitter easily and effectively. Even if you’re not on Twitter, your readers can spread the word using a Tweetmeme widget. Follow our instructions to add a Text widget to your blog, then grab the Tweetmeme code and copy and paste it in.
  • Tweet new posts automatically. On WordPress, you can publicise new posts automatically on Twitter or Facebook. Just go to Dashboard, Settings, Sharing and then 'Publicise'. Select which social media sites you want your posts to appear on. Use with caution: too many automatic tweets and your followers might drop like flies.
  • Get started on Twitter by Mme Lindor
  • Engage with people on Twitter
  • Promote your blog on Twitter (advice from Mumsnet bloggers)
  • Get your MP’s attention on Twitter



    Facebook started out as a dating site; it’s now a global social network where you can chat to your friends and make new ones. Here’s how you can use Facebook to promote your blog:

    Set up your own Facebook page. You can set up a Facebook page here. Or have a read of Typecast’s guide to setting up your blog’s Facebook page for more detailed instructions.

    Connect with Mumsnet Bloggers on Facebook. We spend hours finding your funniest, quirkiest and cleverest blogposts – and a big way we promote these is through Facebook. So why not like our FB page? That way we can share posts and pics, you’ll spot our best news, and you won’t miss that post of yours we’re pushing.




Pinterest is a virtual pinboard, where users can pin images, diagrams, cartoons and web pages that they like onto their own customised boards. They can browse others’ boards and ‘repin’ blog content they like – so it’s a great way to promote if you have a visual blog.

Check out the site to find out whether you’re a pinning addict like Mother Wife Me, or a copyright critic like JaxB. If it’s the latter, then Typecast has some great advice for how to protect your site from Pinterest.

Last updated: 15-Apr-2013 at 3:10 PM