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How to make your blog go viral

viralEach month, a couple of crazy videos, gifs or blogposts do the rounds on the internet, and their owners achieve international acclaim. Bloggers who go viral often bag lucrative book deals or fashion contracts – just look at Belle Du Jour or Bryanboy.

So: have you got what it takes to go viral? Truth is, no-one can really predict what will or won't - though every 'digital analyst' in the land has an opinion. In the meantime, follow our top five tips to spruce up that blog post – and who knows, you may just make waves across the World Wide Web.

  • steve jobs haikuCapture the zeitgeist
    When Steve Jobs died, Mumsnet blogger Eliza Gray wrote a haiku about his Apple genius. Her poem pushed all the right buttons – and was displayed on screens in Apple stores across the world. Now that’s viral.

  • A small ask goes a long way
    Want to get your idea trending? Make sure it’s easy to join in with: a small activity that everyone can add to will go a lot further than a mile-long dissertation about your youth. The Gallery at Sticky Fingers’ blog works on this level –anyone can post a pic about the weekly theme.
  • Get the giggles
    People love to share funny, silly stuff. And what could be funnier than Mumsnet blogger Cass Parkin’s spoof of 50 Shades of Grey. She came, she read, she conquered – and soon everyone was sharing her ebook for fifty shades of sarky silliness.

     breaded cat
  • Say it straight (from the heart)
    A lot of blogs that go viral are silly – but some are witty, clever and critical. If all else fails, and you’ve exhausted your autotune and breaded cat options, it’s time to crack out your personal story. Whether you’re complaining about the state of school dinners like Martha Payne or calling out catcallers like Vagenda, a blog that’s rooted in personal experience can go a long way.

    In 2012, two Mumsnet bloggers made it big with their original take on their own lives. Hundreds comment on the Plankton’s honest blog about her life as a divorced older women at the bottom of the sexual food chain. And Commando Dad made the headlines when he wrote an army man’s guide to being a new father. So if you’ve got a fresh take on your own life, and you blog about it with honesty and wit, then who knows? You might just go viral.
  • Network, network, network
    Got something to say? Then share it. Across all your networks. It ain’t gonna go viral if no-one’s seen it, sister. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, HuffPo, you name it. Remember the Fenton video? The hipster tune? The Gangnam Style pop song? They all spread like wildfire – because they were shared and shared again. If you want your blog to go viral, you’ve got to get it out there, in an easily shareable format.


Our latest viral favourites?

We loved the Olympic gifs from London 2012 - especially this one of Serena Williams. Or if political memes are your thing, check out these from the Guardian.

We were glued to this autotune video from Nick Clegg ("I'm Sorry")...


And this one - Obama singing 'Call Me Maybe':


(Click here for Batman singing 'Call Me Maybe' on YouTube.We're always amazed by what the Internet coughs up for our amusement.)


Last updated: 15-Apr-2013 at 3:08 PM