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How to be funny: 5 things we learned from Blogfest

Weren't lucky enough to witness our Blogfest 'Find your Funny' panel in the flesh? Never fear: we've culled the best pearls of wisdom from our stellar speakers so you, too, can turn life's blunders into bite-size nuggets of yer actual comedy gold

1. Comedy = tragedy + time


... says storyteller extraordinaire Jon Ronson

2. Be fearless, and never worry what others will think of you...


... stand-up and pelvic floor crusader Elaine Miller shares the secret of her success

3. ... but be fair, and always consider your subjects' feelings


... the fabulous Kirsty Smith (a.k.a Eeh Bah Mum) on calling her son a dick

4. You can learn to channel your funny - but if it's not there to begin with, you can't fake it


... comedian and actress Arabella Weir tells it like it is

5. Be your own audience: write, read, write again, repeat 


... Bafta-winning Rebecca Front utilises her acting skills 

And one more for luck: it doesn't matter how successful you are, you never stop feeling like a bit of an arse


... and people who don't have those feelings are psychopaths, says Jon Ronson

Images: Michal Dzierza 


Last updated: 19-Nov-2014 at 11:06 AM