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How to add yourself to a category


Once your registration has been accepted, you can personalise your profile to suit your blogging interests. By adding yourself to different categories (see those ones in the purple, on your right?), it's easy for readers who are after great writing on a certain topic to find your blog!

Bloggers choose their own categories, and can choose up to 3. To change yours, log into your Mumsnet account page and click on the tab called 'Blog info'.

Once you're in, you can change any aspect of your blog profile here - from your profile picture to your blog description. You'll also be able to pick your blog categories from a drop down menu.

Once selected, every time you publish a blog, it will appear on the top of the list in each of your categories, as well as on the 'Most Recent Posts' list on the Mumsnet Bloggers Network home page

The range of categories is diverse, spanning food to feminism, humour to health, so there should be something for everyone! 


Last updated: 02-May-2014 at 11:10 AM