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How to add pictures to your blog

Jax Blunt
In the first of a series of how-tos to help you get the most out of your blog, Jax Blunt talks through adding pictures to your posts on Wordpress and Blogger.

Jax has been blogging at Making It Up about children, home education, politics and books for 10 years. She builds Wordpress based websites at Colneis and spends far too much time on twitter as @liveotherwise.




Why do you want pictures in your posts?

blogA picture tells a thousand words so they tell us, and certainly breaking up the flow of a page can give your reader a little hope. Plus it will make your post stand out if it's shared to one of the social networks like g+ or facebook, and a post with no pictures definitely can't get pinned.

So how do you go about getting your picture up there? 



  • With Wordpress you're looking for the add media button just above your post box.


Wordpress add media


  • Once you've uploaded the file you've got some dialog options over on the right hand side.


Wordpress add image


You've got a choice of what size image you display, and how to align it.

<< This image is left aligned, for some variety - and also because with a tall thin image like this one, it makes sense to let the text flow around it.

I've also made sure I've put alt text in - this is used by screen readers for visually impaired viewers who can't see the images.

A good description is beneficial, and also helps search engines.

You can choose what size image you display and if you go for a smaller one, whether to link to a url or the original sized image, which is what I generally do.




  • Once you've got your image in your post, if you change your mind about things, you can click on it to bring up the edit image dialog, which also has advanced settings.

Wordpress edit image


Wordpress Advanced image settings


  • This will let you override the settings you chose originally - but if you're not sure what to put in, the defaults that you chose in the first place will work fine.



  • Blogger offers similar image upload and display options.

Blogger insert image


  • Once you've chosen your image, upload it, from desktop, picasa, phone, webcam or elsewhere on the web - blogger is pretty flexible.

Blogger picture uplaod


  • And finally set the options, including alt text.
  • The alt text comes under properties in this case.

Blogger picture options



Hopefully that all gives you some hints, and a bit of encouragement, to start adding pictures into your posts on Wordpress and Blogger.


Last updated: 12-Jun-2013 at 12:05 PM