Halloween Bloghop

Halloween knitted pumpkinsIt looks like all you bloggers are getting in the *spirit* of things (sorry). In between thinking up better jokes practising our evil cackle and dusting off the broomstick, we've been scrolling through your fabulous seasonal blogs...

Crumbs is rustling up spooky soups and Emma's sharing her most ghoulish party treats over at The Mini Mes and Me. Single Married Mum is crafting creepy decorations while Giraffe proposes a host of party games - from the traditional to the somewhat gruesome.

Mad scientist costume

Mum of All Trades has this great costume suggestion (no creative skills required - perfect!) And if you're not so nifty with a knife, why not KNIT a pumpkin like Mack and Mabel did?

We'd love to know what tricks and treats you've come up with, so share your crafty creations, recipes, costume ideas and all other Halloween-inspired posts on our linky below.



Last updated: 02-Nov-2012 at 3:26 PM