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Latest guest blogs


"Increased funding will help wipe out child sexual exploitation"  - by Home Secretary Amber Rudd MP


January 2017

"We need a new approach to child poverty" - Dan Jarvis MP on defeating child poverty in the UK once and for all

"The life-prolonging cancer drug I need is being withdrawn from the NHS" - Rosalie Marshall says without cancer drug Kadcyla, she won't see her children grow up

"I'm marching because Trump's presidency will affect us all" - Co-founder of the Women's Equality Party Catherine Mayer on why she's joining the Women's March on London

"Watching my mum die in her 30s put me off having children until it was too late" - Different Shores find that being middle-aged and childless isn't as lonely as she feared

"Swimming gave me back my sense of self when IVF had taken it away" - Alexandra Heminsley on learning to swim

"It's terrifying to think your child could die from a sip of milk" - Emma Amoscato describes what life's like with severe allergies

"We need to do more to equip our children for life online" - Children's Commissioner Anne Longfield on the Growing Up Digital report

"I shouldn't have to change my son on toilet floors" - MN blogger Brody, Me and GDD on the Changing Places campaign


December 2016

MN blogger Tiny Tyger, Baby Bear and Me"Christmas is overwhelming when you have autism" 

Save the Children's Alice Klein "In Yemen, mothers are watching their babies die" 

Former Refuge service user Louise"My identity was eroded by abuse – but now I've rebuilt my life" 

MN blogger Rae Story"I didn't think of my prostitution as traumatic - but it left me with PTSD" 

Survivor and refuge manager Charlotte Kneer "When you have an abusive partner, Christmas is a nightmare" 


November 2016

Blogger and campaigner I'm a JSA Claimant"I had to use a foodbank - many families aren't 'just about managing'"

Creator of the Super Power Baby Project Rachel Callender"I wanted people to see my daughter's 'Super Powers', not her disability"

Researcher Dr Fiona Vera-Gray "What we know about porn is based on men - that needs to change"

Co-director of The New Man Devorah Baum"Sharing our story of IVF, pregnancy and loss was great therapy" 

MN blogger Victoria Smith "We can't compete with Trump's hate - and we shouldn't" 

Author and therapist Johannes KlabbersWhat to say to someone who is dying 

Flood victim Susan Spillard "The physical and emotional trauma of flooding is unimaginable" 


October 2016

National Institute of Economic and Social Research Research Fellow Monique Ebell - "Discriminating against pregnant women harms employers as well as mothers" 

MN blogger Cash Carraway - "Domestic abuse silenced me - until I found my voice in a police cell" 

Article 39 director Carolyne Willow - "The rights of vulnerable children must be protected, wherever they live" 

Mother Kerrie - "My son is learning to cope with the lifelong impact of brain injury" 

MN blogger Victoria Smith - "The unmasking of Elena Ferrante shows women writers can't win" 

MN blogger This Mama Life "Pregnancy triggered my eating disorder"  


September 2016 

Author and journalist Gary Younge "Seven children or teens are shot dead in America every day"

Mother Allison Barr"The financial repercussions of a young cancer diagnosis are huge"

Mother and campaigner Yemi Hailemariam"My partner is on death row in Ethiopia - our children just want him home"

Foster carer Kim"Fostering is hard - but it's the best thing I've ever done" 

Blogger and effective alttruist Julia Wise - "We donate up to half our income - it's not just billionaires who can be philanthropists" 

Co-founder of Inspire Sara Khan - "Radicalisation of our children - we must tackle it head-on"

Ante-natal educator Bev Turner"Birth changes your body - and the way you see it - forever"

Co-founder of the Centre for Gender Equal Media Holly Dustin"Violence against women and girls is rising - so why isn't SRE compulsory?" 

Nutritionist Jane Clarke"I didn't feed my daughter as a nutritionist, I fed her as a mother" 

Domestic abuse survivor Zoe Dronfield"I'm frightened for Helen - I know how helpless you can feel in court"

Mother and campaigner Vikki Harris"It's too easy for our daughter to self-harm with paracetamol"


August 2016

MN blogger Joanne Watt"This September, my daughters won't be going back to school"

Thorium Theatre "We put a baby on stage for half an hour - here's why"

Founder of Looks Like Me Selma Nicholls"I don't want my daughter to be the 'token black girl'" 

CEO of the Anna Freud centre Peter Fonagy"It's important to recognise when childhood anxiety is becoming a problem" 

MN blogger Emma CritchleyOlympic sexism - "We won't let the media get away with it" 

MN blogger Fiona Peacock"I'd never raise my children as anything but vegan" 

Victims and Survivors Consultative panel member Lucy Duckworth"The child sexual abuse inquiry isn't optional - it's a necessity" 

Campaigner Jane Sutton"If doctors had listened to my son, he might still be here today" 

General Secretary of the TUC Frances O'Grady"Sexual harassment at work isn't 'just a bit of banter'" 

Producer Vicki Lesley"Women's voices are being lost from the film and TV industries" 

Mother Alex Smith"I hope we've helped others preparing for their child's heart surgery" 


July 2016

Researchers Alicia Blum-Ross and Sonia Livingstone"It's time we changed the conversation about screen time" 

MN blogger Ingrid Wassenaar"In summer, there's no escaping the motherload"

Author Henny Beaumont"My daughter made me face my own prejudices towards disability" 

Labour MP Jess Phillips"This is why we need to Reclaim the Internet" 

Campaigner Leyla Hussein "Two hundred million girls and women live with FGM - they didn't choose to be cut" 

Author Kat Banyard"The sex trade can never be made 'safe'" 

Sex worker and activist Laura Lee "As sex workers, our lives depend on decriminalisation" 

Teacher Megan Quinn"We have no choice but to strike" 

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan "Strike action will harm children's education" 

GlobalGirl Media UK trustee Sue Carpenter  - "We need to re-set the media compass to give equal prominence to women" 


June 2016

Author and mother Christine Hamill"My son's life didn't stop just because I had cancer"

Author Phyllis Whitsell"I tracked down my birth mother, but didn't tell her who I was"

Glastonbury co-organiser Emily Eavis "At this year's Glastonbury, we will celebrate refugee and migrant mothers"

Conservative MP Priti Patel"We are better off out"

CARE International UK's campaign ambassador Helen Pankhurst"The EU gives us the best of both worlds"

MN blogger Alison Bloomer"This Father's Day, grief will remind our family of all we lost"

Author Anna Kessel "Girls still think getting sweaty isn't for them" 

Blogger Elli Wilson"The backdrop to my school years was slut-shaming and victim-blaming" 

Sandy from MNHQ - "Our son has Down's Syndrome - as he transitioned to adulthood, support disappeared" 

MP Caroline Nokes"We want to celebrate women's suffrage - and show how far we've got to go" 

MN blogger Steph Nimmo"As a carer, I have been pushed to my limits" 


May 2016

Author Dave Rudden - "Video games taught me how to treat people"

Mother Jenny Lowther "The children's hospice has given us a lifeline"

Mother Nicki Durbin - "I will never stop searching for my missing son

MN blogger All Light with a Piece of Dark"It's hard not to cut my mother off completely" 

MN blogger Geraldine Renton"I've slowly accepted my son's life-limiting condition" 

Blogger Hannah Woodhead"My mother believed I could get better - it's only now I appreciate that"

Author Emily Urquhart - "My daughter was born with albinism

Patchwork founder Olivia Knight The employers who won't hire women 

Comedian and novelist David Baddiel - "When I go, tell the truth about me"

Doctor and campaigner Kate Granger "I want to die at home, surrounded by people who love me" 

Mother Jayne Carter"We didn't know about my daughter's heart condition until it was too late"

Author Rebecca Asher"The pressure for boys to 'man up' harms both sexes" 


April 2016

Actor Storme Troolis "As a disabled actor wanting to play Juliet, I had to rewrite the script" 

MN blogger Elizabeth Dimelow"My son's diagnosis is the first of its kind – it's exhilarating and terrifying" 

Campaigner Sarah Brown "Britain must not turn its back on child refugees in Europe" 

Father and campaigner James Titcombe"My son died at Morecambe Bay - opportunities to learn mustn't be missed again" 

Charlotte McFarlan"Women could be the key to Sierra Leone's future" 

Journalist and author Decca Aitkenhead"My partner drowned before my eyes - nothing can be said in the face of such tragedy"

MN blogger Charly Dove "We assumed we'd get our first choice school - we were wrong" 

CREATE Fertility's Dr Geeta Nargund"Young adults need to understand the facts about fertility" 

Author Joanna Connors"Why I tracked down my rapist" (Trigger warning) 

Women's Aid Survivor Ambassador Mandy Thomas Domestic abuse - "I am a real life Helen" 

Workfest speaker Esha Johnson"I spent decades dodging opportunities – now, I'm my own boss" 


March 2016

Consultant Clinical Psychologist Dr Elizabeth Kilbey - A child's early years are a golden window of opportunity 

Researcher Laura CofieldThe 'burden' of facial hair 

Writer Grace Vaughan "With mental illness comes a different kind of mothering" 

Target Ovarian Cancer ambassador Natalie Simms-Gore"I was told I was too young for ovarian cancer"

Labour MP Stella Creasy"This outdated judgement of unmarried mothers must end" 

Education secretary Nicky Morgan "Why academisation is best for our schools" 

Deputy head Tim Paramour"As a deputy head, these are my fears about academisation" 

Author Rosalind PowellAdoption - "We had to wait for love to come" 

Author Ruth Whippman "We're making our children unhappy" 

Bloggers Samara Linton and Barbara Stensland International Women's Day: Portraits of women in 2016 

Women for Refugee Women's Sarah Graham"Detention is no place for pregnant women" 

MN bloggers TwinderelmoMother's Day - "I buy a card that will never be opened" 

Author Helen Stevenson"We treat cystic fibrosis like a lodger, not a prison guard" 

MN blogger Rebecca Schiller "Across Africa, a new mother dies every three minutes" 

Author Alice Hoyle "Shared parental leave brought us closer" 

Junior doctor Rachel Clarke "It is my duty as a doctor to strike" 

A volunteer in Calais - "These are the lost children of Europe" 


February 2016

Blogger and filmmaker Jendella Oscars - "As a black woman, you have to work ten times harder to get half as far" 

Lauren RapacioliCochlear implants – "We wanted Bobby to hear our voices" 

MN blogger Amie Caitlin"I wasn't just a stay-at-home mother, I was also unemployed" 

Report chair Baroness Julia Cumberlege"The National Maternity Review ushers in a new era of care" 

MN blogger Tessa Prebble"No parenting manual could prepare me for Eva"

MN blogger Lizzie Latham "My daughter has microcephaly, but she's not 'defective'" 

Junior doctor Paola Rodriguez and health minister Ben GummerGuest debate: The imposition of the new junior doctor contract 

MN blogger Swazi Rodgers"Adoption meant everything we knew about parenting went out of the window" 

Kathryn Miller"Having children put a strain on managing my diabetes"

Blogger Wendy Mitchell -  "I have early onset Alzheimer's, but I still have a lot to contribute" 

Journalist Judith O'Reilly"Why aren't we up in arms about the UK's stillbirth rate?" 

MN blogger Victoria Smith"Survivors of sexual abuse must know they'll be believed" 

MN blogger Kate Sutton "I've been single for four years - this Valentine's Day, I refuse to settle" 

MN blogger Sarah Turner "As a new parent, I struggled to find reassurance that my feelings were normal"

MN blogger Fozia Shah"Forced marriage - I was one of the lucky ones" 

Chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service Ann Ferudi "Abortion must be decriminalised" 

Unicef's Emily Poyser"My sons were child soldiers"

MN blogger Victoria Welton"Egg donation is bringing us hope" 

MN blogger Jenny Leonard  - "In our reality, your sister can be gone overnight"

Author Jude Rogers "Pop music will lift you - and your child - up"

Food psychologist Dr Gillian Harris "Food refusal in children isn't anyone's fault" 


January 2016

Campaigner Laura Darrall"We need to ask for help with mental health, before we hit rock bottom" 

Blogger Shelina Janmohamed"Muslim women are diverse, funny and opinionated – not #TraditionallySubmissive" 

Former teacher Tom Rogers"To narrow the education attainment gap, we need to rethink 'poverty'" 

MN blogger Donna Wishart "Bullies made me stronger than I ever thought I would be" 

MN blogger Ingrid Wassenaar"My son was almost abducted – but I won't stop him walking home alone" 

Campaigner Claire Throssell - "Children are at terrible risk if the family courts don't put their safety first" (Warning: upsetting content) 

Headteacher Jane Lunnon"The online world  - let's put down our devices and pay attention" 

Junior doctor Rachel Clarke"Actually, the problem with the NHS is NOT women doctors" 

Stop it Now! campaign's Donald Findlater"To reduce child sexual abuse, we need a variety of approaches" 

Author Bee Wilson "How we learn to eat" 

MN blogger Steph Douglas "My son wasn't offered a primary school place" 

MN blogger Felicity Gibson"My cancer's gone – but depression has taken its place" 

Author Sarah Knight"I don't give a f**k - and neither should you" 

Gem "Now we understand Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, we understand our adopted daughter" 

Four writers, campaigners and bloggers - What are your hopes for women in 2016? 

MN blogger Rainbeaubelle "In 2016, we're learning to live without my husband"


December 2015

MN blogger Aileen Few"My baby's first Christmas wasn't magical" 

Blogger Jess BancroftMy mother didn't tell me I had a rare kidney disease 

MN blogger That Mum BlogDonkeys and divas: the hell of the school nativity 

MN blogger Becky Thorn - "My daughter's OCD diagnosis was almost a relief"

HeadSmart Campaigner Sacha Langton-Gilks We accepted there was no longer a cure for my son's cancer, and enjoyed our last weeks at home" 

Pregnant Then Screwed founder Joeli Brearley"With my second baby, I'm prepared for PND" 

Broadcaster journalist Tazeen Ahmed"We must have the courage to face child sexual abuse" 

Anonymous primary school teacher"I no longer assume my pupils have beds" 

Coach and social entrepreneur Remi Olajoyegbe"At the Jungle refugee camp, the desperation is palpable" 


November 2015

MN blogger Beth Phillips"You don't get over bereavement, you get on with it"

Medical director of CREATE Fertility Dr Geeta Nargund"We must end the IVF postcode lottery" 

Author Jeremy Gavron"Researching my mother's suicide was one of the hardest things I've done"

Mother Deborah Rushton"After nine miscarriages, I blamed myself"

Author Kathy Lette"Protecting my ASD son from bullying was impossible" 

MN blogger Hayley Goleniowska"I fear the eradication of Down's syndrome" 

MN blogger Abby Boid "How do I talk to my children about the Paris attacks?" 

Save the Children's Campaigns Director Kirsty McNeill "112 children have drowned since September - how many more?"

MN blogger GlosswitchEqual Pay Day - "The gender pay gap isn't a 'myth'" 

Comedian-turned-politician Sandi Toksvig"The time is right for the Women's Equality Party" 

Conservative MP Ben GummerThe government on junior doctors - "We're committed to the values of the NHS" 

Junior doctor Taryn Youngstein Junior doctors are being "backed into a corner" 

Mumsnetter MrsDeVere Things that are not the same as losing a child 

MN blogger Catherine Mann"Digital mothers - who do we think we are?

Labour MP Paula Sherriff"Tampon tax: "We don't want tea and sympathy - we want action"

Count the Kicks CEO Elizabeth Hutton"We must stop thinking of stillbirth as inevitable" 


October 2015 

Author Steve Silberman"We need to stop looking for a 'cause' for autism" 

Mumsnet CEO Justine Roberts"Praise them till they blush": Instilling confidence in kids 

Steelworker's wife Anna MavenSteelwork closures - "The emotional impact cannot be costed" 

MN blogger Amy RansomMummy Blogging - has it all been said?

Nurse Amy CopeSlashing pay for health workers won't solve the NHS's problems 

Construction professional Sally Varley - Women in construction - "The industry is changing" 

Adoptive mother CarolToo old to be adopted?

Neonatal nurse Louise Parry"Neonatal units are at breaking point" 

Documentary director Lisa Francesca Nand"After five miscarriages, we found our happy ending" 

Founder of Ada Lovelace Day Suw Charman-Anderson"We need more female role models" 

MN blogger Abby Boid"The internet makes me a better mother" 

Author Margaret Rooke"We waited 13 years for my daughter's dyslexia diagnosis" 

MN Blogger Zoe Morrison"Charging for plastic bags should be just the start" 

Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies"Banning smoking in cars is essential to protect children's health" 


September 2015

MN blogger Rachel Buchanan - More than "just period pain" - the agony of endometriosis

MN blogger Cash Carraway - Homeless at 16 - "The law must change to protect children like me"

MN blogger Kirsty Smith - "I called my son a dick on my blog – so what?" 

Teacher Stacey Hirlam - Teaching children to save the world 

Health visitor Sarah Beeson - "This generation of parents is the best ever" 

MN blogger Jax Blunt - "The traditional school system is effectively a sausage factory" 

Chief executive of Missing People Jo Youle - "In the search for missing children, this is a game-changer" 

Doula Mars Lord - "When I first became a doula, I wanted everyone to know how amazing birth is" 

Mother and campaigner Rosie Dutton - "We won our fight to start reception at five" 

MN blogger Clare Mansell - "Can we ever level the playing field for summer born children?" 

MN blogger Ellie Ware - Postpartum psychosis: "It was like my mind snapped"

MN blogger Hannah Harding - Pregnancy with a toddler in tow: "All I wanted was sleep" 

Barrister Natasha Joffe "Your stories of maternity discrimination are crucial to helping others" 

Author Jessica Lahey - "Our overprotective parenting style has undermined a generation"

MN blogger Lizzi Wallace - "My baby had meningitis - I was helpless" 

MN blogger Amber Wilde - "We chose a donor online and ordered sperm in my lunch break" 


August 2015 

MN blogger Kirsty SmithEarly labour - "Is it supposed to hurt this much?"

Author Fran Macilvey"I have cerebral palsy - but I refuse to let it define me" 

MN blogger Lucy Bellerby"Why are periods still a big deal?" 

Blogger and campaigner Rena Ramani"Psoriasis is a living nightmare - but I'm finally confident in my skin" 

Former Women and Equalities Minister Jo Swinson Maternity discrimination - "We need a zero tolerance approach" 


July 2015

Mother and campaigner Katy Brown "A clinical trial gave us hope for my son's rare illness – but now the drug is being taken away"

MN blogger Martina Perry - "Being a working mother is tough – but the benefits have been enormous

MN blogger Fiona Elsted - Child poverty - "too many families are living in cold, cramped housing"

MN blogger Kate Thompson Minecraft and ASD – "unlimited screen time has been invaluable for my son" 

CBI Deputy Director-General Katja Hall Gender pay gap - "Just publishing the numbers won't deliver real change" 

Author and gamer Dan Hobert - Video games - why are we so in their thrall? 

Author Carole Saad - "Differences in parenting style put a huge strain on our marriage" 

MN blogger Head in Book"The government must support families as they are, not as they wish they would be"

MN blogger Victoria Smith (a.k.a Glosswitch) - "I'm pregnant again after a long gap - this time, I'm ready to ask for help" 

MN blogger Like Real Life "No baby book is going to tell you the whole truth"

MN blogger Vicky Charles"I had a breakdown - and it's nothing to be ashamed of"

Mumsnetter lu9months"My husband has incurable brain cancer - and I have to hold our family together" 


June 2015

MN blogger Lottie Lomas"My sons refuse to help with chores - and I know it's my fault" 

Author Sarah Hepola"Accepting my alcoholism gave me a way out - so why are we still scared of the term?" 

MP Caroline Dineage - "We need to ask why women aren't choosing engineering" 

MP Karen Bradley"Forced marriage is abuse - and we will not tolerate it" 

Science magazine editor Jenny Inglis10 ways to keep your daughter engaged in science 

MN blogger Bristol BettyThe 'poshness test': "we can't just blame employers - the divide starts much earlier"

Five charity representatives - Giving Week - "The words 'thank you' are insufficient" 

Former Education Secretary Charles Clarke"Religion is an inescapable part of school life - is this right in modern Britain?" 

Rape Crisis' Katie Russell"We must name rape in order to challenge it" 

Missing People Ambassador Kate McCann"Vital time was lost in the search for Madeleine" 

ISPEA's Julia Hancock - SEN and schools - "All children should have access to education" 

Hannah Begbie"My baby has cystic fibrosis, and it's my job to help him feel normal"

The Abortion Support Network's Mara Clarke"In Ireland, motherhood is the punishment for poverty"

SWAN's Helen Piper - "As parent carers, knowing somebody cares for you too is a lifeline" 

Count the Kicks' Elizabeth Hutton"We're determined that fewer and fewer people will join our baby loss community"

Rochelle RosenthalMolar pregnancy: "we had a 2% chance of success" 


May 2015

MN blogger Abstract Lucas"How I communicate with my non-verbal child - and how you should, too"

MN blogger Head in Book"What happens to our ambition when we become mothers?" 

Mumsnetter CMOTDibblerDementia Awareness Week: "My beloved parents struggle on, negotiating a system they don't understand" 

MN blogger Martha Roberts "I'm a single parent with mental health issues - where is the support for my family?"

Chair of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Professor Sue Bailey"We must ask our doctors: 'is this treatment necessary?'" 

Vote for Policies campaigner Nathalie McDermottTactical voting - "why am I being told to pick the 'least worst' option?" 

MN blogger Catherine HaleM.E. Awareness Week: "No, I'm not 'just tired'" 

MN blogger Elizabeth McFarlane"How to *really* help your child during exam season" 


April 2015 

Aid worker Prajana PradhamNepal earthquake: "it was chaos - we couldn't understand, and we couldn't do anything"

MN blogger Fiona Elsted"I am a victim of the housing crisis - why is nobody offering a sustainable solution?"

Anonymous MN blogger"My husband of 20 years is gay, and I have so many questions"

Co-founder of Women Returners Julianne MilesWomen returners - "you are the same talented, professional person you were"

MN blogger Emma MurphyUndiagnosed Children's Day - "without a 'label', support is harder to access"

Founder of The Disconnect Project Erin Cotter"Would your teenagers disconnect for a week?"

MN blogger Victoria YoungDietary restrictions - "I was convinced people would think I was making it up"

Campaigner Beeban Kidron"Internet giants are exploiting our kids - and we need to take a stand" 

Campaigner Sophie Walker"We've set up The Women's Equality Party - and we need you" 

MN blogger Jade Hamnett"'My home became my prison' - why we need to build more accessible housing" 

MN blogger Mum's Honest Truth"My little boy is a gorgeous, sparkling Lady Gaga - and he already feels judged"

MN blogger Aileen Few"Now I'm dependent on my partner for money - and it's hard to adjust" 

MN blogger Reprobate Mum'We need Autism Awareness Day because my son is still labelled 'naughty'' 


March 2015

Campaigner Annika Eade"Why parliament needs more mothers" 

MN blogger Elaine Miller"Thank you, Angelina Jolie" - why we need to talk about the menopause

MN blogger Chrissy Chittenden - "I am an attachment parent because of my feminism, not in spite of it" 

Author Jane SherwinPathological demand avoidance syndrome - "my daughter is not naughty" 

MN blogger Esther WalkerMothering and food - 'I had no idea how all-consuming feeding my kids would be' 

Author Jennifer Senior'Does the division of labour feel fair in your house?'

MN blogger Philippa Molloy'Mumsnet is like having a thousand extra sisters you never knew you needed' 

Vodafone representative Sharon Doherty'Let's not ignore the business case for a better maternity deal' 

MN blogger Kiran Chug - 'I felt viewed as a mum first and an employee second

Campaigner Mel HennesseyGuest post: 'It's unacceptable that so little money goes into brain tumour research' 

Janet Newman Women's hearts - 'heart failure never entered my mind: to me, it was an old man's disease' 

MP Jo Swinson'Shared Parental Leave: the time is now' 

MN blogger Lottie Lomas - 'Spousal maintenance matters - we should be worried about the 'get a job' ruling' 


February 2015 

MN blogger Katy Wheatley'I have really heavy periods - and I refuse to be ashamed' 

Clinical psychologist Professor Tanya Byron'Please don't feel embarrassed if your child needs mental health support'

Mental Health First Aider Charlotte Walker'The odd assembly isn't enough - teachers must talk about mental health every day' 

MN blogger Journey to a Mixed Family'We must fight the assumption that every child will turn out straight' 

CEO of Swedish tech company Lifesum Henrik Torstensson'I expect my male employees to take six months off - and it's good for business'

MN blogger Jade Hamnett - '#hospitalglam matters because my appearance doesn't reflect the severity of my illness' 

Army wife Sarah StewartArmy families - 'your home is not your own, and your life can be turned upside down in weeks' 

MN blogger MrboosmumSN parenting: 'it's money - not our son's disability - that casts a shadow over our lives' 


January 2015

Author Lisa Jackson'It's time we rebelled against the way fitness is sold to us'

Parliamentry and Health Service Ombudsmen Julie MellorNHS watchdog - 'complain about poor care, and we will listen'

MN blogger Lucy BrittonInvisible illness - 'I'm fed up of having to perform my disability' 

MN blogger Glosswitch'The Sun has shown how little respect it has for women'

Chief Executive of Early Education Beatrice MerrickBaseline assessments - 'it's wrong to test four-year-olds like this'

Early years manager Helen HornerNursery funding - 'don't make us do this vital job on even more of a shoestring' 

Kate Gross's mother Jean Gross - The death of a parent - 'I wish I could tell my daughter that her boys are just fine'

Employment lawyer Samantha Mangwana'Shared parental leave isn't nearly enough - if we want real equality, we must force change' 

MN blogger Fat Woman'My fitness brought me freedom - but childbirth has snatched it back'

MN blogger Lucy BenedictChildren and mental health - 'I recognise myself in my son, and it terrifies me' 

MN blogger Ruth Dawkins - 'Like Stephen Fry, there's 30 years between me and my husband - what's the problem?' 

Author Ellie Levenson 'Why we need to politicise our toddlers' 


December 2014 

Four bloggers and activists consider - Has 2014 been a good year for women? 

MN blogger Wry MummyThe new mum's Christmas Carol -  is visited by the ghosts of Christmasses past, present and future

MN blogger The Secret Divorcée'Christmas is a totally different experience now we're divorced - and our kids have had to adapt'

MN blogger Jane RingNavigating Christmas when your child is deaf and blind 

Shadow secretary of state for work and pensions Rachel Reeves'Why we must scrap the Bedroom Tax' 

MN blogger Camilla HillIs there a 'right way' to discipline your child? 

Gingerbread's Octavia Holland'Flexible working is essential for single parents, and we must insist on having the option' 

Reprieve Director Clive Stafford Smith'To suggest that there are too many human rights is fatuous' 

Chief executive of Refuge Sandra Horley'Criminalising coercive control won't improve the lives of victims' 

MN blogger One More Mum'£150m to tackle eating disorders? Here's what would have helped my daughter' 

General secretary of the TUC Frances O'Grady'Pregnant women are still incredibly vulnerable at work'

Claire Meeghan of Christian AidThe cost of labour - 'for women in Kenya, even minor complications can be deadly' 

MN blogger Jessie ThompsonPeach perfect vagina? I'll pass, thanks 


November 2014

Master of Wellington College Dr. Anthony Seldon'Yes, private schools could do more to bridge the opportunity gap - but it's not as simple as it seems' 

Stonewall Youth Volunteer Sophie FinniganAnti-bullying week - 'No one deserves to feel as low as I did' 

MN blogger A Hangover Free Life'The moment I knew I had to give up drinking' 

MN blogger Victoria Smith'The cost of women's caring work is immeasurable' 

MN blogger Mrboosmum'Nothing can prepare you for the realities of prematurity' 

Anti-GM campaigner Robyn O’Brien and scientist Dr. Gia Aradottir - Debate: Should we be worried about GM foods? 

Politician Jocelyn DaviesPlaid Cymru - 'why we want to make smacking illegal' 

Mother Anne-Marie Cockburn'I want MPs to stand by my daughter's grave and tell me that our drugs policy works' 

MN blogger Louise PenningtonFoetal Alcohol Syndrome - 'my nephew deserves better than the criminalisation of his mother' 

Investigations Officer at Shelter Susan Evans - 'There are more homeless families than ever before - and it can happen to anyone' 


October 2014

Psychologist Dr. Linda Papadopoulos'How does spending time online affect our sense of self?'

Broadcast journalist Tazeen Ahmad - 'Protecting children from distressing news stories - it's a question of judgement' 

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg'When it comes to parental leave, we must pay fathers the same as mothers' 

Hannah Thompson, a victim of revenge porn - Revenge porn - 'I felt completely helpless' 

Director of UK Brie Rogers Lowery - Celebrity clicktivism - 'the most successful campaigns are powered by ordinary people' 

CEO of Planting Promise Rocco FalconerEbola - dispatches from the front line 

Women and Equalities minister Jo Swinson'It's astonishing how quickly confidence evaporates on maternity leave'

Vocal coach and Crohn's sufferer Carrie Grant'When you have a chronic illness, you know your body best' 

Author and PSHE teacher Alice Hoyle - 'We need to teach young people about sexual pleasure' 

MN blogger Leigh Kendall - Baby Loss Awareness Week - 'I'm a mother, but my arms are empty' 

MN blogger Ingrid Kirkegaard - Chore survey - why do women put up with doing the lion's share? 

MN blogger Karen Ingala Smith'Let's start counting dead women, not ignoring them'

MN blogger Lisa Jarmin''Mummy blogging' gave me back my self-worth' 

Chief Executive of the Royal College of Midwives Cathy Warwick'Midwives deserve fair treatment - so we're striking'

Discrimination barristers Natasha Joffe and Samantha Cooper Changes to SEN legislation: what you need to know 


September 2014

MN blogger Chrissy Chittendon - Body shaming and food - let's change the message

MN blogger Victoria Smith (a.k.a. Glosswitch) - 'HeForShe - will this actually help the feminist cause?'

Holly Dustin from End Violence Against Women and Dr. Fiona Elvines from Rape Crisis - 

'Why we need compulsory sex and relationships education'

Ruby Lott-Lavigna - Freshers' week - how can we tackle misogyny on campus?

MN blogger Helen Wallen - 'Second pregnancies - things ain't what they used to be'

MN blogger Stephanie Davies-Arai - 'How to talk to your teenagers about porn'

Education secretary Nicky Morgan - 'Why we're teaching coding in primary schools' 

Genevieve Edwards from Marie Stopes - 'When it comes to contraception, older isn't necessarily wiser' 

Founder of Money Stuff Shirley Conran - 'Maths is a feminist issue' 

A parent - 'My daughter was groomed and abused' 

MN blogger Kate Portman - 'Why the government must make emotional abuse a crime'   

Children's author Sarah McIntyre - 'Is shunning motherhood the ultimate taboo?' 

Nutritionist Amanda Ursell - 'Offering every infant child a healthy school meal has just become a reality' 

Bumpfest speaker Aitch - What you need to know about baby led weaning 

MN blogger Caroline Briggs-Harrison - 'Will my son be treated differently for having two mums?' 


August 2014 

Gamer and writer Melissa Welliver - Should we be worried about video games and misogyny?

MN blogger Ellie Stoneley - 'My baby had tongue tie - so why did I feel like I'd failed?'

Grazia editor Jane Bruton - 'The gender pay gap is still widening - we must act'

MN blogger Kirsty Smith - What do our name choices say about us?

Hackney doula and Bumpfest speaker Rebecca Schiller - 'What I've learnt about birth'

MN blogger Kerrie McGiveron - 'At 18, university isn't everything'

Journalist and Bumpfest speaker Rob Kemp - How can new dads bond with their babies?

MN blogger Catherine Mann - 'Having children shouldn't be a luxury'

MN blogger Allie Holbrook - 'Why do we make so many jokes about mothers and drinking?'

Writer and illustrator Matilda Tristram - What's it like to be diagnosed with cancer when you're pregnant?

Campaigner Hannah Weller - 'Children must be protected from media intrusion'

MN blogger Aileen Few reviews In The Club, BBC One's new drama about antenatal classes

Author Elizabeth Kesses - 'Do you ever feel you're enough?'

Recent blog debates 


What should we be doing to support renting families? Housing Minister Kris Hopkins and Shadow Housing Minister Emma Reynolds debate the issue of private renting

Is the term 'dyslexia' actually useful? Professor Julian Elliott and MN blogger Lisa Kendrick go head to head on this divisive issue

Why I wear the niqab - and why I don't. Community activist Sahar Al-Faifi and blogger Aisha Ashraf explain their choices

Is fracking good for Britain? Green party MP Caroline Lucas and Andrew Austin, CEO of IGas, put forward their respective cases.

Can you dress for men, and still be a feminist? Fashion blogger and outspoken former Tory MPLouise Mensch debates with Glosswitch

Could we all fall foul of new press regulation? Padraig Reidy of Index On Censorship and bloggerGlosswitch look at the rules 

breastfeeding debateHas breastfeeding been oversold? - debated by author of Breast is Best ProfJoan B Wolf and the La Leche League's Anna Burbridge

Should parents be worried about teens removing pubic hair? -  debated by Mumsnet bloggers Sarah Ditum and Glosswitch 

Is phonics the best way to teach children to read? - debated by Education Minister Nick Gibb and children's author Michael Rosen 


July 2014

IAmElemental co-founder Julie Kerwin - 'Sexualised action figures limit girls' play - and their futures'

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper - 'State-sanctioned apologies for domestic violence have to stop'

Blogger and journalist Sarah Graham - Can a wedding ever be feminist?

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg - 'We know families are still feeling the squeeze'

Blogger and campaigner Stephanie Davies-Arai - 'Tabloid soft porn is a child protection issue'

MN blogger Scars, Tears and Training Bras - 'Now, dating seems far more weighted against women'

MN blogger Kiran Chug - 'I'm married with two children - and I live with my parents'

MN blogger Willow Oddie - 'Oh Derek!': talking to my four-year old about sex

Solicitor Liz Fisher Frank - 'Legal aid cuts will make family courts a two-tier system'

MN blogger Beth Bone - 'Inadequacies in mental health care for new mothers are all too common'

Academic Professor Sarah Pedersen - 'Talking about sex on Mumsnet, and why it matters'

Consultant and author Alex Ritchie - Top 6 tips for starting a business

An academic researcher and anonymous blogger Polly Oliver - 'We need to bust the stigma around polyamory'

June 2014 

Kids Company founder Camila Batmanghelidjh - 'Our child protection system is failing'

Author and journalist Sarah Boseley - 'Is treat culture to blame for the obesity crisis?'

MN blogger Victoria Smith (a.k.a. Glosswitch) - 'Women are rightly disillusioned with politics, but it's worth fighting for change'

MN blogger Christianne Palmer - 'Holidays used to be survival exercises - here, my son's autism was accepted'

Author Maddy Paxman - 'There's no time limit to grieving' for International Widows' Day

MN blogger Simon Ragoonanan - 'Doubling paternity leave won't work unless we change society's perceptions of stay-at-home dads'

MN blogger Emma Murphy - 'When you have a life-limited child, hospice care can mean so much'

MN blogger Steph Douglas - 'Growing up with foster children made me the person I am today' 

Mumsnetter Caroline Bedford - 'Having a gifted child isn't always a gift'

Co-author of The Fast Beach Diet Mimi Spencer - 'Why the 5:2 diet is the only thing that's worked for me'

Jane Bradley from For Books' Sake - 'Why we still need a women-only book prize'

General secretary of the UCU Sally Hunt - 'Women are risking their health for fear of seeming weak at work'


May 2014 

MN blogger Kiran Chug - 'If Britain really is becoming more racist, I fear for my children'

CEO of Mumsnet, Justine Roberts - 'When did mum become a dirty word?'

MN blogger Lottie Lomas - the negative impacts of abolishing the Child Support Agency

Physiotherapist and stand-up comedian Elaine Miller (AKA gussiegrips) - 'Why fallen fanjos are a feminist issue'

Alzheimer's Society Dementia Adviser, Rachel Doeg - 'We must keep talking about Dementia, no matter how hard'

Karen Holmes from Turn2us - 'With so many families in crisis, we need to remove the stigma around benefits'

MN blogger Ailsa Burkimsher Sadler - 'Why aren't mothers included on marriage certificates?'

Louise Silverton from Royal College of Midwives - 'The idea of choice needs to become a reality if new NICE guidelines are implemented'

Sarah Green from End Violence Against Women - 'Women's services are in crisis, but we can use our vote to try and save them'

MN blogger A House is Not a Home - 'What fostering has taught me so far'

MN blogger Ben Brooks-Dutton - 'Where was the support when my son lost his mother?'

Broadcaster and journalist Kirsty Wark - 'Are things getting worse for girls?'

MN blogger Brooke McAlary - 'Why women should stop trying to be all things to all people'

MN blogger Swazi Rodgers - 'Why Mumsnet Bloggers needs a BME category'


April 2014

Author Rachel Kelly - 'I didn't know depression could be so physically painful'

MN blogger Anne Theriault - Is it really possible to raise gender neutral children?

Professor and author Temple Grandin - 'Let's build on autistic children's strengths, not focus on their deficits'

Writer Jennifer Adams - 'Why sleeping separately has been the best thing for my marriage'

Girl Talk editor Bea Appleby - 'Why we're introducing feminist ideas into a tween magazine'

MN blogger Fiona Elsted - The upheaval that private renting causes families

Employment law barrister Natasha Joffe - 'Fees for employment tribunals mean the most vulnerable have lost their access to justice'

MN blogger Matt Davis - 'Why we need Autism Awareness Day'


March 2014

Blogger Kate Gross's mother Jean - How my daughter will care for her sons after she's gone

Blogger Clara Taylor-Gallop - What gay marriage means to my family

Writer Ingrid Kirkegaard - As a mother, why do I have to justify taking time for myself?

The Sutton Trust's Sophie Moullin - Parents struggling to bond with their babies need more help

Andrea Kerslake of Elliot's Footprint - Where is the support for bereaved parents?

MN blogger Jen Faulkner - How do I explain post-natal depression to my children?

Writer and ex-MP Louise Mensch - Tony Benn represented something truly valuable in this world

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg - This is a watershed moment in the fight for a family-friendly Britain

Wendy Jones of National Numeracy - If you say 'I can't do maths', your kids probably will too

Blogger Stephanie Davies-Arai - 'Ban Bossy' is all very well - but what about the other words used to stifle girls ambitions?

Trafficking survivor Ade - I was trafficked into prostitution - and the Poppy Project helped me

Labour MP Emily Thornberry - Why Parliament needs a statue of suffragette Emily Davison

Business woman Kelly Hoppen - Female entrepreneurs are changing to face of poor communities in Kenya

Dr Sarah Jarvis - How to spot signs for ovarian cancer


February 2014

Teen campaigner Fahma Mohamed - A message to Michael Gove about FGM

MN Blogger Louise Dillon - Why is society so ambivalent about stay-at-home mums?

Blogger Christina Franks - If drinking alcohol in pregnancy becomes a crime, women's bodies will no longer be their own

Alison Saunders of the Crown Prosecution Service - Despite high profile acquittals, we're right to prosecute historic rape cases

Businesswoman Joanna Shields - When I was bullied at school, home was my refuge. Today's kids have no escape.

Author Gideon Burrows - How can we persuade dads to share childcare?

Writer Emma Brockes - Uncovering the 'truth' about one's parents is a painful part of growing up

Blogger Pauline Vance-Riggens - Gossip magazines and body shaming: how Now magazine got it wrong

Laura Hurley of Brook on abortion - Pregnancy 'crisis' centres must stop misleading women

Teenager Yas Necati - The epidemic of sexual harassment in schools

Blogger Hannah Postgate - When a child has additional needs, why do we assume the mother will be the carer?


January 2014

Labour MEP Mary HoneyballAmnesty's proposal to legalise prostitution is wrong - we can't let men who exploit women off the hook

Blogger Head in BookBenefits Street: "A squandered opportunity to understand welfare dependency"

Laywer Christine ArmstongWhy is society so unsupportive of high-achieving 'power mums'?

Dr. Jane O'ConnorApps for babies - too much, too young?

Blogger and activist Emma BurnellTo get thin after weight-loss surgery, I need to be selfish

Sandra Mathers on Sutton Trust research - Free childcare for two year-olds: why the roll out should be postponed

Lord Saatchi "To prevent more needless cancer deaths, Doctors must be free to innovate"

Stonewall's Laura Doughty - Homophobia in the workplace: "gay people must be able to be themselves"

Blogger and No More Page 3 campaigner Stephanie Davies-Arai Sensationalist reporting of 'sex crimes' - it's time we held the tabloids to account

Joe Levenson from the Dying Matters coalition - Bereavement leave: why our bosses need to recognise grief 

Emma Carr of Big Brother Watch - Fingerprinting pupils in schools teaches children they have no right to privacy

Blogger Mrs. DGiving up alcohol: 'Dry January' wasn't enough to fix my relationship with booze

Blogger Andrea MannGood luck with your New Year’s resolutions! Just don’t tell anyone what they are

Comedian and actress Sara Pascoe - Was 2013 a good year for women? 

December 2013

Blogger Lisa Jarmin - What I really want for Christmas

Blogger Mrs Tiggywinkle - Why are so many women having bad birth experiences?

Dr. Caroline Miles - Domestic violence from your teenager: children can abuse parents too

Blogger Head in BookThe gender pay gap is widening - we need to be asking why

Meera Syal - One year on from Delhi rape-murder: what's really being done to protect women?

childless woman

Blogger Paola Buonadonna - Why are fewer women having children?

Lawyer Catherine Thomas - Lessons of the Michelle Young divorce case

Save the Children's Justin Forsyth - "women and children pay the price" in Central African Republic conflict

Blogger Victoria Smith - gender segregation and more general misogyny in British universities 

Blogger Amanda HarringtonSusan Boyle and me: adults with Asperger's in a spinning world

Nelson MandelaDiane Abbott MP - "Nelson Mandela shaped a generation"

Prof Georgina Rippon - differences between men's and women's brains don't mean that gender stereotypes are 'true'

Researcher Jessica Datta - women's sexual behaviour is changing - has yours?


November 2013

Leyla Hussein on FGM - "Making sure my daughter wasn't cut is my greatest achievement"

Blogger Glosswitch -  where are the women in the BBC Sports Personality of the Year shortlist?

naked barbie dollsBlogger Sonya Cisco - Why are women so unhappy with their fanjos? 

Project 28-40's Helena Morrisey listen to women's workplace experience 

Lia Latchford and Holly Dustin - stop sexist and racist music videos

Gay. Let's Get Over It. campaign:

 • Headteacher Liam Nolan - "why I won't tolerate homophobic language in my school"

 • Campaigner Rosie Ellingham - "the words 'you're so gay' cast a shadow over my childhood"

Author Gideon Burrows - The real reason fathers don't do more childcare? They don't want to

Philomena author Martin Sixsmith - helping a mother find the child she was forced to give up

The Disasters Emergency Committee - re-building the Philippines after devastating typhoon

working mumBlogger Glosswitchis wraparound childcare really the solution?

Prof John Sutherland - it's vital English Literature remains on the curriculum 

Chair of Ofsted Sally Morgan - why early education should begin at two 

Performance artist Bryony Kimmings - inventing an alternative role model for young girls

Shelter CEO Campbell Robb - the reality for Britain's homeless children this Christmas


October 2013

Writer Filip BorevWhy are Roma people still seen as 'baby snatching gypsies'?

policeman with teensPenelope Gibbs of the Standing Committee for Youth Justice - Draconian new 'Asbo' laws will demonise teenagers

Blogger Mummy Barrow - how you can help Teak Honk fundraise

Former Great British Bake Off finalist Holly Bell - this year's batch of bakers 

Author of Drink Ann DowsettAre you a 'problem drinker'? Take the five-point test

Mencap's Jo Swinson - why the law surrounding disability hate crime must change 

Campaigner Kat Banyard - why it's time for supermarkets to lose the lads' mags

MalalaBlogger Lynn Schreiber - girls need more role models like Malala

William Higham of Save the Children - "poorer children's life chances are determined by age seven"

Author Allie Esiriwhy children need poetry in their lives

Author Jez Alboroughwriting for children is trickier than you might think

Writer and blogger Sarah Ditum - BBC4 documentary 'House of Surrogates' and the ethics of commercial surrogacy in India


September 2013

Journalist and blogger Louise Tickle - "Syria's children are dying. Please - don't look away" 

Actress Sarah AlexanderWar continues to affect generations of children

armpit hairMN bloggers Cassandra ParkinFran LewisLucy Benedict and Sara Bran - on pitmuffs: what it's like to grow your underarm hair for a month

InRealLife director Beeban Kidron - What it means to be growing up online 

Prof Sir Al Aynsley-Green - Children start formal education too early in Britain 

FGM survivor Nimco Ali - "the government must act now to prevent more girls being cut"


August 2013

Elizabeth Bailey of Cancer Research UK - Make cigarettes less attractive to children

MN blogger SaintlyJimJams#ThisIsMyChild: people's reactions to my autistic son

a level resultsA-level results day:

 • University and admissions experts - a guide to the UCAS Clearing System 

Law firm Slater and Gordon - Maternity discrimination is still rife in Britain

Keir Starmer -  "We must change the way we handle child sexual abuse cases"

Rosie Fiore interviews Caroline Criado-Perez on threats from online trolls

Writer Suzanne HarringtonShould we be honest with our children about our past?


July 2013 

Blogger Bev Mattocksmy son's battle with anorexia

Shelter Chief Exec Campbell Robb"The Bank of Mum and Dad can't solve this housing crisis"

Royal babyThe royal baby has arrived!

 • Aitch offers Kate a cut-out-and-keep guide to Mumsnet

 • Glosswitch celebrates the fact this baby was born to reign, boy or girl

Blogger Sara Bran - Dispirited by The Apprentice's female finalists

Writer and blogger Rosie FioreCan 'chick lit' be feminist?

Marion BartoliAll About TransComing to terms with having a transgender son  

Rosie FioreMarion Bartoli's Wimbledon triumph was overshadowed by abuse

Blogger and campaigner Jack Monroe - "Food banks are feeding families"


June 2013

Labour leader Ed Miliband - 'Our culture needs to change how it portrays women'

Senator Wendy DavisJournalist Karen Krizanovich - In awe of Senator Wendy Davis

CEO of the Preschool Learning Alliance Neil Leitch - Children "cry for a month" in formal French nurseries, we shouldn't be following their model

Blogger Glosswitch It's time to call violence against women by its name

Author Sally Gardner -  A 'rigorous' education system crushes children's innate creativity

Columnist and author Gaby Hinsliff - Is it getting easier for women to return to work?

online privacyEmma Carr of Big Brother Watch - We should worry about our online privacy

Author of 'Don't Wake Me' Rahila Gupta - Healing after the loss of my son

Conservative MP Nadine Dorries - Female hair loss: it's the last taboo 

The Women's Business Council - Fostering business ambition in girls is crucial

Shadow Children's Minister Lisa Nandy - Sex and Relationship Education needs to be on the National Curriculum for all


May 2013

Barrister Elizabeth Prochaska - why retailers selling lads' mags could face legal action

hand stopEVAW's Holly Dustin - a 5 point plan to end abuse for good

MN Blogger Adventures with Dementia - living with a loved one's dementia

Blogger Glosswitch - "There's always been a 'crisis of masculinity', Diane Abbott"

Psychologist Oliver James - drugs are not the answer to mental distress

Author Jay Griffithsgiving children autonomy over food could improve happiness

Author and blogger Rosie Millard - parental anxiety over tutoring is on the rise

Women's Aid's Polly Neate - financial abuse 'counts' as domestic abuse

Author Kate Figes - infidelity is a fact of life, parents need to talk about it

Meteorologist Clare Nasir'Air pollution causes 29,000 premature deaths a year'

Barrister Catherine Donnelly - legal aid reform: the consequences for victims of sexual crime


April 2013

Parenting consultant and blogger Stephanie Davies-Arai - Page 3 is not 'innocuous'

school mealsChef John Vincent - make school meals tastier and healthier

Author and blogger Rosie Fiore - UKIP leader Nigel Farage claims that visiting lapdancing clubs doesn't make him 'anti-women'

Writer Hadley Freeman - 5 tips for being an awesome feminist 

Zoe Williams - smacking: a profoundly idiotic way to deal with someone you love

Leave Our Kids Alone campaign - time for a total ban on ads targeting young children?

Economist David Boyle - why the middle class faces extinction

school teacher classProf Alan Smithers - it's time for a shake up on primary school admissions 

Teacher Francis Gilbert - proposed changes to school hours and holidays

Author Natasha Walter - "we should not deny Thatcher's achievements"

NUT's Christine Blower - why they're calling for a 20-hour teaching week

Munira Mirza - defending the government's planned changes to the national curriculum

Blogger Rachel Coldbreath - press are wrong to link Philpott tragedy to 'benefits culture'


March 2013

Blogger and mother of one Stephanie Pomfrett - one-child families are on the rise

Boris JohnsonBlogger Pint Sized Rants - Eddie Mair was right to grill Boris Johnson

Gransnet Editor Geraldine Bedell - should grandparents plug the childcare gap?

Caroline Davey from Gingerbread - what the Tax-Free Childcare Scheme means for single parents

Blogger Sarah Lowden Poole - why 'disability hate crime' should be a standalone offence

Maternity leaveMaternity Action's Rosalind Bragg - unfair redundancies during maternity leave

Author and blogger Knackered Mother's Wine Club - working, writing, and tweeting about wine

Holly Dustin of EVAW - false rape allegations have become mythicised

Dr Alison Parke - screen time has little impact on a child's social development

Blogger Glosswitch - why Petronella Wyatt is wrong about teenage 'temptresses'

Amnesty UK's Kate Allen - "don't abandon the women of Afghanistan"

Labour MP Jon Cruddas - what men can do to stop violence against women

Dr Teresa Belton - being bored encourages children's creativity

District Judge Anne Arnold - changing the guidelines for how sex offenders should be sentenced

One Billion Rising

February 2013

MP Amber Rudd - supporting the One Billion Rising campaign

NCT Chief Exec Belinda Phipps - misconceptions and facts about the NCT

Shelter's Chief Exec Campbell Robb - house prices increasingly unaffordable

January 2013

New Scientist journalist Linda Geddes - 'the science bit' of pregnancy and birth 

Blog debate: the government's childcare shake-up

 • childcare numbersLiz Truss - the minister with resonsibility for childcare - blogs on the government's planned changes to ratios and regulations

 • Childcare expert Penelope Leach gives her view on proposed ratios 

 • Stephen Twigg, Chair of Labour's Childcare Commission, responds with why his party won't be supporting them


2012 guest blogs

MP Rachel Reeve - 'Mummy Tax' cut in maternity pay is unfair

Vagenda blogger Holly - include men in the battle to end violence against women

Dr Amanda Gummer - screentime for children: the ongoing debate

Blogger Mummy is a Gadget Geek - could free Universal Childcare work?  

EVAW's Holly Dustin - schools need to protect girls from sexual bullying

Insomniac Ysenda Maxtone Graham - how not to pass the small hours

Labour Peer Andrew Adonis - academy schools can raise aspiration and achievement

Stella Creasy MP - One Billion Rising: speaking out against domestic violence

Author Oliver James - the ideas behind Love Bombing your children  

Ruby Wax

Tory MP Louise Mensch - juggling motherhood and politics 

Ruby Wax - the black dog: speaking out about depression

Writer Oliver Burkeman - the myth of positive thinking

Journalist Natasha Walter - fighting for the rights of female asylum seekers

Comedian Gina Yashere - women and sexism in the world of comedy 

Minister for Schools Nick Gibb - how we can encourage children to read more books

Zoe Williams - the unfashionable first months of motherhood

Hamley's toy bear

Blogger Hackney Doula: why I'm boycotting the Baby Show

Campaigner Laura Nelson - busting gender stereotypes at Hamley's toy shop 

Blogger Jodie Sandford - visiting Oxfam projects in Zimbabwe

David Lammy - the Tottenham riots and 21st century families 


Guest blogs from the 2012 London Mayoral candidates:   

London mayoral elections


Bloggers bust rape myths for the We Believe You campaign:


2011 guest blogs 

Annie LennoxAnnie Lennox - why World AIDS day should matter to mothers 

Author and producer Toby Young - free schools: why they will succeed 

Journalist Mariella Frostrup - supporting the Gender Rights and Equality Trust 

Pat McFadden MP - medicating children's behaviour problems 

Body Gossip co-founder Natasha Devon - bring back teenage body confidence

Education campaigner Fiona Millar - what parents want from schools

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall - generating your own renewable energy 



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