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Food bloggers

Take a look at some of the fabulous foodie bloggers whose posts have caught our eye (and tantalised our tastebuds) recently.  


CrumbsSince having children, Claire and Lucy "spend less time choosing between sushi or salami and more time scraping porridge off the walls." Entertaining, empathetic and entirely in favour of the culinary short-cut, Crumbs is the go-to blog for parents who can't quite resign themselves to a diet of leftover chicken dippers.


Alice Can't CookAlice Can't Cook
Alice loves cooking; sadly, it just doesn't love her back. But she keeps on trying, much to the disappointment of her family (her baking once made her son weep). Here she documents all her failed attempts, with photo evidence.


Maison CupcakeMaison Cupcake
Self-taught from scratch, and now one of the best-known baking bloggers in the UK, Sarah shares a multitude of sweet (and savoury) treats on her blog Maison Cupcake. The name alone makes our mouths water…


Lavender and LovageLavender and Lovage 
Inspired by the cooking of her mother and grandmother, Karen blogs gorgeous seasonal recipes from two kitchens – one in England and one in the South West of France, where she runs her own cookery school.


Recipes from a Normal MumRecipes from a Normal Mum
Holly was <drumroll> a finalist in the 2011 Great British Bake Off! She particularly enjoys making puff pastry, for the "cathartic repetitive action and deeply satisfying sight of the layers rising in the oven." Also, anything involving the creation of small mammals in cake.

Check out the GBBO blog round-up Holly is guest editing.


Brendan BakesBrendan Bakes
Another Great British Bake Off finalist! Brendan blogged through his great adventure on our TV screens in 2012, and continues to share cracking bread, cake and pastry recipes to tempt your inner baking queen.


Recipe RifleRecipe Rifle
Journalist, mother (and wife of a rather well-know food critic), Esther Walker says she's "getting recipes wrong so you don't have to". She writes beautifully and honestly about the challenges of family life; and along the way tells us which (actually jolly good) dishes she's serving up.


Ms Marmite LoverMs Marmite Lover
Forget love or hate - there's nothing to dislike about this blog from supper-club-running chef and writer Kerstin Rodgers. Gorgeous and unusual recipes with photos to make you drool onto your keyboard, plus great foody recommendations.


A food scientist, secret geek, and avid cook, this blogger shares recipes for babies and toddlers, some great low-sugar treats, and tasty home-cooked meals for the whole family.


Comfort BitesComfort Bites
Celebrating great comfort food that is designed to be eaten slowly. Recipes, reviews and research into why certain foods soothe and revive us more than others. 


Glamorous GluttonGlamorous Glutton
Freed from the daily commute, this blogger is rediscovering her love of cooking. She blogs foodie hints, tips and recipes, as she hunts for the perfect vintage kitchenware - and rifles through retro cookbooks for hidden gems.


The One-Handed CookThe One-Handed Cook 
Recipes, tools, gadgets and tips (eg: buy screwcap wine that can be undone with one hand!) to help you cook delicious family food, while juggling wriggling babies and small children. Her pics also feature playmobil/lego men - what's not to love.


We don't eat anything with a faceWe Don't Eat Anything With a Face
The clue's in the title – this blog contains recipes, tips and reviews for vegetarian and vegan families (and the veggie-curious). Quick, tasty home-cooked food for the time-pressed.


The View from the TableThe View From The Table
This freelance writer moves around a lot – but while the view from her table might change, her love of food, and of the cheerful chaos of family life never does. She blogs about recipes, family, and the importance of eating together whenever you can.


Well Worn WhiskWell Worn Whisk
Food is at the very centre of family life for this blogger, who's documenting her foodie journey, sharing delicious, fuss-free and nourishing recipes along the way. A diary of dinners, and food-related ramblings.


Letters to Nigel Slater
This charming blog began when Martha began working her way through Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries, and writing unsent letters to the great man. Her musings on his recipes, and their importance in her life, eventually reached the ears of Nigel himself: "I cannot tell you how much @hilarykaren's enchanting blog has meant to me over the last year", he recently tweeted.


Self Raising FlowerSelf Raising Flower
This blogger has set herself a challenge: to bake her way through every single recipe in Mary Berry's Baking Bible. Hop over to see how far she's got, and perhaps give her a little push if needed!



Last updated: 15-Oct-2013 at 5:00 PM