Bloggers back birth control at Family Planning Summit

While the first ever Family Planning Summit takes place this week in July 2012 in London, our bloggers are supporting women's access to contraceptives around the world.  Join Save the Children, the Gates Foundation and DFID to back birth control. And hear from Mme Lindor, who visited Kenya (organised with DFID) to report on women's need for better access to family planning services.

Birth control in Kenya

family planning summitMumsnet blogger Mme Lindor says: "I will be attending the London Summit on Family Planning, organised by the UK government and the Gates Foundation. The ambitious aim is to provide family planning methods to an additional 120 million women worldwide by 2020. What will this mean for the women I met in Kenya?

"Well, Miriam is 32 years old and was at the Marura Village Dispensary in Laikipia District with her three month old son, Peter. She already has five girls at home and is struggling to keep them in school. Her eldest daughter will soon leave school, at age 13, to train as a hairdresser. When I asked her if she wanted more children she laughed loudly. She was exhausted, she could not afford to educate the children she had already, why would she want another child?

Miriam was attending the clinic to have her son vaccinated and would be returning to access contraception in order to prevent further pregnancies."

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Contraceptives shouldn't be thinly spread

Christine Mosler, Save the Children ambassador and Mumsnet blogger, explains: "Over 200 million women worldwide have no access to contraception. Can you imagine not having control over your fertility? 

family planning

"The conference is all about contraception and family planning and offers us a chance to extend a helping hand to women around the world who do not have the benefit of sex education and freely available contraception. Women and girls who have little control over their own fertility, girls who are dying in pregnancy and childbirth because their bodies are not ready for babies, women who are unable to space their pregnancies so their families have a better chance at life. Women like you and me."

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Birth control bloghop


Mumsnet bloggers have joined together to call for women's access to better birth control and contraceptives around the world. Have you blogged about the family planning summit? Add your voice to our bloghop:




  • Update: Britain has just pledged to spend £500 million on birth control by 2020, which doubles the UK's current commitment.



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