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Mumsnet Bloggers and Comic Relief

Comic Relief

Mammasaurus, Penny from the Alexander Residence and Mummy Barrow  are currently in Ghana with Comic Relief. 

We had a live Google Hangout with them to hear all about what they've been getting up to and the amazing work being funded by Comic Relief in Ghana. They also told us how bloggers can help to spread the word about Red Nose Day and the 25th anniversary.

Take a look at the Team Honk website and do blog yourselves - your posts can be added to the linky on their site. Also show your support on twitter by using the hashtag #goodwork.

Watch the video from our hangout here.




The Story So Far...

31st January UPDATE! Without further ado we are able to reveal the long awaited #secretthing. We had to wrestle Mummy Barrow to the floor and grab the keys to the #secretthing box, so sad was she to give up this baby she has nurtured for months now. But now we can open it.

*drumroll please*

Three very different announcements on three very different blogs, Mammasaurus has drawings, Mummy Barrow has all you need to know and the Alexander Residence has banging tunes to help you shake out the tension of the big reveal.


Catch up on their pre-reveal teasers below.

The Alexander Residence: Confession tape

Mammasaurus: Sworn to secrecy

Mammasaurus #secretthingYou've heard of extreme sports? Well my friends I am being sworn to extreme silence. Mummy Barrow and Penny have me locked in a dank cellar with only basic rations. Soft Pom Bears and flat gin in a tin is more than I can take! SAVE ME. Over dramatic? Moi? *swoons to floor in crumpled heap* I AM BUT A SHELL OF A WOMAN I SAY!

What was that? Pull myself together? Oh ok then….

Now I know that's a pain in the arse, not knowing what’s going on and the #secretthing being dragged out – as an avid EastEnders fan I know all about plot lines that go on and on and on. But like good ol’ Enders there’ll be a *BOOOOM* worth waiting for! ...


Mummy Barrow: So here's the thing

Mummy Barrow #secretthingWell the secret thing is happening and let me tell you it is rather huge. But I am embargoed (ooooh get me) until 31st. So I can't tell you what the actual Secret Thing is. But I can tell you the background to it so it all makes sense.

Back in November I saw Emma Freud tweet that she was off to a meeting at Comic Relief. When I saw that Tweet I replied and said "are you doing anything with bloggers? Would love to try and rally some troops to support Comic Relief next year and do some fund raising".

Emma replied and said "email me". So I did...


Come and chuckle at people's #secretthing guesses on our Talk thread.

Last updated: 20-Aug-2013 at 12:35 PM