World Book Day for Bloggers

It's World Book Day, so we're asking which books caught your imagination as a child? And which books do your children insist you read (until you lose the will to live) repeatedly?

Our guest blogger Nick Gibb, Minister for Schools, asked Mumsnetters how they could get kids reading more books. But a love of literature is not something that develops out of nowhere - great books, and great book recommendations, can make all the difference to a reluctant reader.

So if you know of a great children’s book to read aloud, you can recommend it on our bloghop. And if you’re on the hunt for a new bedtime story, here are three suggestions from MN blogger parents (because let's face it, you're the ones who'll have to read it 20 million times):


Night Birds on Nantucket 
by Joan Aitken

night birds joanna aitken
Orange Pear Apple Bear 
by Emily Gravett

orange pear apple bear
Charmed Life by Diane Wynne-Jones

a charmed life diana wynne-jones

features a put-upon child
named Dutiful Penitence, a
sailor's quest for a mythical pink whale and a plot to blow up England by firing a long range missile from Nantucket. LaJongleuse

A thing of great charm and exquisite construction. The book uses the words of its
title to set up a series of playful juxtapositions, all beautifully demonstrated by Emily Gravett's elegant watercolours. Polly

One of my very favourite witches… HogsBackBooks

Children’s book blogging

Plenty of children’s book publishers, illustrators, authors, and reviewers lurk in our network. Dive in to their behind-the-scenes blogs: 

The Little Wooden Horse La Jongleuse
Hog's Back Books : publisher Dreaming in Text: author
Alan Dapre's Blog: author T.M. Alexander: author
Sunny Side Up: illustrator Putting Life into Words
Read with Rosie: Jactherat: English teacher


Rosie Millard

If you’re tired of dressing your children up as magic dragons, and looking for more <ahem> grown-up literature, have a read of our bloggers who write about Grown Up books… or check out Mumsnet Books <crawls under duvet clutching magic wand> 



Recommend great reads for children

Know of a great children’s book to read aloud? Is there one you do funny  ridiculous  voices for at bedtime? Why not let other parent bloggers know about your find? Post your book choice on your blog and shout about it on our bloghop. 

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