Celebrating Lollipoppers with Churchill

Lollipop men and women are an important part of many school runs, and our bloggers have been tasked with celebrating them, and nominating their school to win a Lollipopper from The Churchill Lollipopper Fund


lollipopperThere are only just over 20,000 lollipop men and women who help keep our kids safe across Great Britain.

The number of these amazing 'Lollipoppers' on our roads is beginning to dwindle, with Churchill Insurance's research showing that nearly a third of parents are aware of a Lollipopper being removed from their local area with no suitable replacement.

Churchill want to help redress the balance and make this safeguard around our nation's schools stronger than ever by giving funding to 50 schools to have their own Lollipopper.

Find out how our bloggers practise road safety with their family, and hear from them how you can nominate your school to win a Lollipopper, on their posts on the linky below.

Last updated: 27-Apr-2016 at 10:05 AM