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Bugaboo pushchairs: Our bloggers review

We asked six Mumsnet bloggers to test out a range of Bugaboo pushchairs and give their initial thoughts, and then their verdict after a few months' use 

Running in Lavender reviews the Bugaboo Bee3

bugaboo running in lavender

January 2016

"The Bugaboo Bee3 is an elegant looking, lightweight buggy. I'm thrilled with the look and feel of it and am happy with our colour option. The silver, grey looks classically stylish and the bassinet feels soft and incredibly comfortable.

Also, it was very easy to assemble, it literally took my husband and I 20 minutes – and most of that time was taken, taking everything out of the boxes."

April 2016

"For me the biggest and most obvious benefit is that this pushchair is light and very easy to push and steer. I can even steer it with one hand.

So are we happy with our decision? Yes, very happy! I would go so far as to say that I am over the moon with this pushchair, it’s everything I hoped it would be and more."

This Enchanted Pixie reviews the Bugaboo Chameleon

bugaboo this enchanted pixie

January 2016

"The pushchair itself is light, though it doesn't feel flimsy at all. It's a great sturdy feeling frame, that I think will last and take lots of use. It's really easy to steer, even with one hand.

We've used it in town, and also taken it across the fields, and the wheels coped with the different terrains really well – it was still easy to push even on the rough ground."

April 2016

"It's been used for naps and to cart a day's worth of belongings around for the six of us. We've even taken it off road through a very muddy woods! I'm still as impressed as I was initially at the practicality of the Bugaboo Cameleon."

Oh So Amelia reviews the Bugaboo Buffalo

bugaboo oh so amelia

January 2016

"Harry always looks comfortable in it when awake or asleep and the big wheels mean it's really easy to steer in both the town and countryside. If you love to discover the great outdoors and are into country living, going on family walks and getting outdoors then the Bugaboo Buffalo is for you!"

April 2016

"I really like the shopping basket on the Buffalo and have never struggled to fit anything in it. It's easy to access no matter what position the seat is in too which is always a bonus. We've been on days out where we've had a large changing bag, all of our coats, the rain cover, a picnic bag and a blanket underneath and there was still room!

Mummy is a Gadget Geek reviews the Bugaboo Runner 

Bugaboo Mummy is a gadget Geek

January 2016

"Little B is comfortable in the seat and because the seat reclines easily, she usually comes home fast asleep too – the ride is smooth for her even when travelling over bumps or at speed.

Best of all, the handlebar is height adjustable."

April 2016

"Having the option to use your existing Bugaboo seat is a big win. Less stuff to store, familiarity for your little one, and of course it’s cheaper than buying the whole thing too."

Abigail and the Future reviews the Bugaboo Cameleon3

bugaboo abigail and the future

January 2016

"I've always loved the classic design, with a great range of colours for the fabrics. I also like the fact that the carry cot and seat unit fit on the same frame without having to store a great big unit whilst you're not using it." 

April 2016

"I love the ease of just clipping the car adapters to the frame and slotting the car seat on top. It's so easy and can be done without any disturbance to a sleeping baby.

I have to say I was worried about having a slightly bigger pushchair in the city, but so far I've not had any problems or found myself wishing I had a smaller one."

Bethanie Lunn reviews the Bugaboo Donkey Duo

donkey duo

April 2016 (1)

"The Bugaboo Donkey Duo seemed to meet all of our needs. Designed specifically to grow with your family, it transforms from a mono (for just one child) to a duo pushchair (for two), and back again. This means you can use it for one kid, two kids of different ages, or twins.

When The Bugaboo Donkey arrived I got as excited as I would usually do over a pair of designer shoes – it was so darn pretty."

April 2016 (2)

"Overall, I'd give the Bugaboo Donkey nine out of 10. We love how stylish it looks, the smooth steering and turning, how easy it is to convert and the fact that it comfortably caters to our two children of different ages."


Last updated: 18-May-2016 at 1:39 PM