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The Book of You by Claire Kendal - what our bloggers thought

book of youIf you're a fan of the kind of thriller that leaves you looking over your shoulder and jumping at the rustling of trees (à la Gone Girl), this terrifying debut from Claire Kendal will be right up your street.

Clarissa is becoming more and more disturbed by her colleague Rafe's obsessive behaviour - convinced that they're soulmates, he stalks her everywhere she goes. As her concern mounts, she decides to record everything in her notepad.

Her only escape is jury service; the courtroom is a safe haven. But as a violent tale of kidnap and abuse unfolds on the witness stand, Clarissa begins to recognise the parallels with her own life and becomes increasingly worried about Rafe's ultimate aims.

The fast pace and unexpected plot twists make this dark and disturbing thriller difficult to put down, and we challenged 10 of our bloggers to see if they could - find out what they thought below, and if you've read the novel do feel free to add your own review.



Last updated: 02-Feb-2015 at 4:36 PM