Blogs of the Day: Our pick of 2015

We've had some truly fantastic blogs on the network over the past 12 months, so as an end-of-year treat we thought we'd gather together a few of our favourites. We can't wait to see what you'll write in 2016.

The ones that made us laugh

fridgeWho made me keeper of the fridge? - Eeh Bah Mum

Eeh Bah Mum rails against the patriarchy, Tesco - or whoever it was that decided "just because I pushed some babbies out of my foof I am now the person in charge of the fridge."

Slightly twisted socks, and other causes of toddler meltdowns - Hurrah for Gin

Hell hath no fury like a toddler scorned - and here, Hurrah for Gin offers A Toddler's Guide To The Perfect Tantrum - or, The How To Properly Shit Things Up Manifesto. 

Dog's eye view: a fresh perspective - Flossing the Cat

Introducing Daisy, a dog "who likes walking even more than she likes the smell of asshole".

And the ones that made us cry

one in a million baby"My child has died, but I am no less of a mother" - The One in a Million Baby

"What does it mean to call yourself a mother? How do you define it? What happens to that label, that part of your identity, if your child dies?"

"I'll never not grieve for my unborn babies" - Mayflower Blogs

"People think when you've had a baby after losses, it helps with the feeling of grief and loss? I can't say it does."

My first Christmas as a widow - Rainbeaubelle

"The thing is, I just really, really miss Rog. He was my best friend, my work friend, my soul mate, and without him I’m not strong."

Gurl power 

feminsitShould I do 'wife work' because I'm a stay-at-home mum? - Malcontented Mother

"This is the problem; not the amount of cleaning I do but the obligation I feel to do it."

Why do trolls hate feminists so much? - A Sex Blog of One's Own

You may not be able to beat trolls at their own game - but you can phone their parents. 


Mental health

Living with depression: "after a while even misery becomes stale" - The Belle Jar

"All of the things I do feel like nothing, which is somehow worse than if they felt bad. At least bad would be something; at least 'bad' is on a spectrum of sensation which might eventually be scaled until I get back to 'good'. But nothing is nothing is nothing."

We need to stop romanticising self-destruction - Glosswitch

Modern society places incredible pressure on people to perform their suffering - but we mustn't only listen to the 'most ill' or 'most sad', Glosswitch argues.


And a few that are just really, really good

What it's like living in a women's refuge - The Comeback Mum

A blistering account of fleeing violence and finding solace.

After alcohol: 'Now, I can't have a drink to fix it' - Life After Alcohol 

A brilliant piece on sobriety and self-care.

A new perspective on life - Headspace Perspective

A beautiful and inspiring piece from Headspace Perspective on choosing possibility, no matter what life throws at you.

Thanks to all those featured here, and everyone who's been part of the network in 2015 - here's to an even bigger and better 2016!





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