Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Gel: Our bloggers review

Pain Relief Cold Gel from Deep Freeze is a drug-free solution to muscular back pain. We asked our bloggers what they thought. 



Here’s what Deep Freeze has to say, “Did you know as many as 98% women will suffer from muscular back pain at some stage during their pregnancy. Additional weight and changes in the body during pregnancy cause muscular back pain. New pregnancy symptoms should always be discussed with a Doctor or Midwife. Applying drug-free Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Gel or drug-free Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Patch can provide fast acting and scientifically proven cooling relief to the affected area of the back”.


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Deep Freeze gel and patches are available from most high street, community pharmacies and grocery stores nationwide. Always check new symptoms with your midwife or doctor. 

Find out how our bloggers got on.



Last updated: 26-Oct-2017 at 10:35 AM