Blog round-up: "Remember, you're a good mum"

We all need the occasional reminder that being a great parent isn't all Pinterest crafts, calm voices and educational activities - sometimes, it's just a case of putting one foot in front of the other.

So, we've gathered together some of our favourite and most supportive posts about the ups and downs of motherhood - and if you've written a blog on the topic, we'd love you to add it to the linky below. 

First up is The Contented Family Project, with a beautiful post about why she couldn't walk away from a mother in tears: 

"Different day, different place, different battle but essentially I was looking at myself. I told you that you were a good mum because in my meltdown moments I felt like anything but. All I needed in those moments was reassurance and so that's what I tried to give you."

woman sad

Mummy and Monkeys pens a lovely reminder that no matter how badly you may think you're doing, or how guilty you feel, you're doing your best:

"To the Mum who loves her children fiercely but finds it so hard some days. You are a good Mum."

Plutionium Sox perfectly encapsulates the endless and contradictory judgements levelled at parents and makes the important point that we're all only trying to do the best by our children - so perhaps "we're not quite so different after all."

On the same theme, Mama Said rejects competitive parenting: "Competing doesn't mean you get to win," she writes. "We are all losing our humanity by joining in on this."

competitive parenting

Mess Stress and Fancy Dress also lines up to call bullshit on judgemental parenting - or, as she calls it, "momparison" - with the important reminder that just because you do something differently, doesn't mean you're doing it wrong

And sometimes - as Brummy Mummy of 2 rightly says - you've just got to get shit done, without worrying about being super mum at every waking moment, "because that's normal life. It's the plain crap and boring bits that makes the other bits shine so brightly."

It's also important to remember that it's okay to ask for help, writes Like Real Life, nicking a line from a Maya Angelou poem: "Nobody can do this alone. Nobody, but nobody."

And finally, a post from last year - Live Oxfordshire's brilliant open letter to a first-time mum.

"You must do whatever you can to get through. It is so. Fucking. Hard. Grit your teeth and hang on."

Feeling all warm and fuzzy after this lot? Carry on spreading the love, and add your own post to the linky below. 

Last updated: 21-Jan-2016 at 2:21 PM