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Blog round-up: Extraordinary children

We're proud to be able to share the writing of so many parents on the Mumsnet Bloggers Network. They're raising some pretty great children - whether the kids are grappling with an illness or just being a *too* smart for their own good.  Here are a few of our favourite posts paying tribute to these extraordinary tots.

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First up is One in a Million Baby, with a heartbreaking post reflecting on her amazing daughter, one year after her death:

"When I had previously pictured that life Eva and I would have, I couldn't imagine how my love would trump obstacles. I couldn't see that she would be neither a burden or a struggle, but that she would be my greatest source of joy."

one in a million baby

Someone's Mum shares the overwhelming moment she saw her son - who has autism - put his own shoes on for the first time:

"It is a symbol for how you keep trying. It is a symbol for every struggle you face, every difficult thing you learn to do. It is a sign of hope, a testament to your character. It shows that you can, and will, climb those mountains, however long it takes, however many times you fail."

On a similar note, Little Mama Murphy pens a beautiful post on accepting that her son will not walk. She reminds herself that although some children don't defy the odds "it's not because they didn't try hard enough. Or their heart wasn't in it. Or their parents didn't love them enough. Or their mum didn't believe in them. Or they didn't have that fighting spirit. It's just... Because.

Because that's the way it is."


Ellemental Mama takes a slightly different approach when it comes to our extraordinary children. She's come up with a whole host of reasons her child is a secret genius, some of which may be familiar. "He has great repetition skills. Especially when I 'accidentally' swear."

Last up is Beanmusing, who, after not being able to have children after her first daughter, expresses how she never feels bereft to have 'just' one child. Perhaps it's time to stop interrogating women about their parenting choices?

"Bean is by no means 'just'; she is one, a complete, a whole."

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Last updated: 23-Mar-2016 at 3:27 PM