Blog round-up: The EU referendum result

Britain has voted to leave the EU and Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned. We've rounded up a selection of posts by Mumsnet Bloggers sharing their reactions.


It doesn't matter how you voted, says Tim from Slouching Towards Thatcham, because now is a time for hope. "It is a time to bring a divided nation back together, find its common voice and move forward into whatever the future brings." In an uplifting post which calls for optimism, he reminds us that now is the time to take down the fences that have been built over the past few weeks, fences which have been "dividing families, friends and colleagues."

In her post, Learning Democracy, Sophie from Sophie Is writes about taking her three-year-old son with her to the polling station. Having taken him to council meeting previously, she says he has a "creeping awareness that this is how decisions are made: that people get together, and they talk, and they work out the best way forward." She says it is vital that children are aware of and engaged in our democratic process. "Our young people need to understand how the decisions made by different tiers of government impact on their lives – and in order to be able to do that they need to be invited to consider and discuss the choices and challenges we are facing."

Meanwhile Emma at Raising Bears says that although many people will feel anger at the result, they need to look at what the vote means for ordinary people. She believes it will not be to the benefit of the most vulnerable in British communities. "We have to make a choice every single day to wake up and fight for what is right – especially for the people who don’t have a voice as loud as ours." If the result brings communities together to stand up for each other, she says love can win. "Now is a time when I have to choose to love my neighbours."

Headspace Perspective shares her hopes that voters can now work together and be "kind to each other whatever comes next"; while Mummy Says argues that "the scars of our referendum tell the story of a place divided." Tammymum writes a considered post looking at what will happen from here, while Teddy Bears and Cardigans writes a letter to her grandson, reminding him we make our own future.

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Last updated: 24-Jun-2016 at 12:24 PM