Blog round-up: The EU referendum debate

With a few days to go until the UK votes on its future in - or out of - the EU, we've gathered together a selection of our bloggers' posts on Brexit

 Eu referendum

In a clearly laid out post, Not My Year Off explains her main reasons for believing the UK should remain in the EU. She assesses the impact of leaving on migration, trade fees and the NHS - as well as considering what plans have been laid for an exit. 

Tales of Sonny & Luca, meanwhile, has a message to the remain camp: he wants them to stop scaremongering. He says he isn't ill-informed, xenophobic or naive, but he feels that campaigners to stay in the EU are accusing him of being so.

Over on The Family Treasures, there's the view of an immigrant family; while Being Tilly's Mummy gives her perspective as a part-time working mother.

Anniebobs shares how she reached her decision, which she comes to as a parent and small business owner. "There are too many uncertainties with leaving."

The World of Gorgeous Grace, analyses what the impact of the vote could be for parents of children with undiagnosed conditions. She explains why she feels compelled to write: "I am disappointed at the lack of clarity and scaremongering both generally, and in the disability community, from both the leave and remain campaigns."

If you've written a post about the EU Referendum, do add your post to our linky and share your thoughts on the vote!

Last updated: 17-Jun-2016 at 4:00 PM