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"Ten things I have learned being a new school mum"

From always reading the newsletter, to a constant need to iron, Run Jump Scrap on what she's learned in her first half term of 'big school'

school mum

"I was always wondering what it would be like to be a school mum. You hear so many stories and cliches. I always wondered if I would fit in and if I would enjoy it. The answer I think is yes to both, but I’ve learnt a lot on the way so far.

You have to read the newsletter, or like me have a good neighbour who will remind you of things! If not, you’re up shit creek without a paddle, especially if you don’t get a good parents evening slot."



"Why you should be marching with the mummies on 31 October"

She and Life wants all mums to stand up for their working rights

 march of the mummies

"On October 31st, something huge is happening nationwide. At 12pm in London, Belfast, Cardiff, Glasgow, Newcastle and Manchester women from all around the country are joining together to make their voices heard.


Because they want better recognition, respected and change for working mothers, expectant mothers, and families."




"How social media helps me stand up to cancer" 

Me and My Four on the advantages of having an online support system

 Stand Up To Cancer

"I’m a little bit late to the online party but I have to say that I’m extremely glad I joined. When I tentatively and rather clumsily started using Instagram last year I had no idea that I’d make such positive connections with so many strong, authentic and ‘real’ women. I also wasn't expecting my first real ‘go’ at social media to dramatically lessen the feelings of isolation and anxiety that have, until recently, defined my experience of cancer.

I think it’s fair to say that living with cancer isn’t the easiest path to tread, however positively we might try to frame it. Until recently my way of coping was to lie low and do my best to pretend it wasn’t happening, all the while internalising dangerously high levels of anxiety and obsession."

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    "Until you walk in her shoes..."

    Muma on the edge discusses the growing strength of anti-abortion protests in the UK


    "It’s an undercurrent, it bubbles away just below the surface of society. It rarely makes it’s way into coffee shop chat, actually it rarely makes it way into the darkest secret swap. This word is loaded. Fewer words can draw out as much emotion in us. Abortion.

    I am currently on my journalism ‘journey’. Cringe if you must. Our remit is to always be looking for stories: angles, mostly. I came across a story last week: Ealing Borough council were to vote on granting an ‘exclusion zone’ otherwise known as, a Public Spaces Protection Order, around a Marie Stopes abortion clinic. "

    Monday's blog of the day: "At 16 I learned to not make waves over a slap on the bum or an off-colour remark"

    Handbag Mafia argues the entertainment industry isn't the only one with an endemic sexual harrassment problem


    "I was listening to the radio in the car the other day and the hosts were discussing the allegations of sexual assault made against producer Harvey Weinstein. The male host wondered if sexual assault and sexual harassment at work were issues faced primarily by those in the entertainment industry.

    I’m definitely one to sing along to the radio in the car but this was probably the first time I looked at the radio and almost yelled “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!” at it."



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