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"My life as a feminist stay at home mum" 

Desert Mum sees no conflict between her role as a primary care giver and her belief in gender equality


"I'll be honest: feminism didn't really play a major part in my life until recently. I've been pretty fortunate not to have known any gender-related obstacles at work or at home. I haven't suffered abuse or harassment at the hands of men, nor have I been prevented from doing anything I wanted to do because of being a woman.

I'm one of the lucky few for whom the battles and struggles of previous generations of women have paid off. It's not that I was oblivious to the ongoing need to fight for gender equality the world over but, as for my own battles, they'd already been fought, and won."

"The healing power of #MeToo"

Woman as Subject on how speaking out changes ourselves as well as society


"Shame is one of the most powerful human emotions we can experience. All emotions have their roots in evolution which means they have to serve some sort of useful biological purpose. Shame is all about making sure that we don’t get outcast by the group. It whispers in our ear that we are dirty, unlovable, not good enough, and tells us that we must hide our sins (and sometimes ourselves) away."

Monday's blog of the day: "Big boys don't cry"

Our Fairytale Adventure is tired of people telling her sons they can't show their emotions


"Yesterday I watched an incredibly powerful Ted Talks called 'Why I’m done being man enough' by Justin Baldoni. During his talk he discusses how society shapes men to be tough, powerful and confident. He continues on to highlight how anything feminine, such as showing sensitivity or talking about emotions and struggles is seen as weak. It made me think of a phrase I hear often, but refuse to have in my house."


Friday's blog of the day: "Is blogging making me unhappy?""

Having been at it for five years, Sparkles and Stretchmarks ponders how blogging has changed her life for better and for worse


"I remember so clearly the moment I began this blog of mine. It was 2013, I was sitting on my bed at my mums house with a pink laptop on my knee, trying to get comfortable with my 6 month baby bump getting in the way. I was bouncing blog name ideas off Jon, Beauty & The Bump perhaps, to reflect my interest in make up?


'No' Jon said, 'That name won't be any good once the baby is born'.


'But I probably won't even keep the blogging up once the baby is here' I replied."

Thursday's blog of the day: "Shutting up the mum guilt"

Naptime Natter is here to tell you all the stuff you don't need to feel guilty about


"If you are a parent you will more than likely be familiar with the term 'mum guilt’ As well as all the sleep deprivation, baby brain and the complete change of lifestyle we all experience when we have a child, us mums also get this positivity and self confidence sucking side effect of bringing a child into the world called mum guilt. This negative mindset sneaks in, loud and unwelcome, during your pregnancy, a time in a woman's life that is often also full of some degree of anxiety, stress and worry. As your baby is happily cooking away in utero, a hard job for us mamas as it is, thoughts covered in guilt can begin to creep around our already hormone riddled brains."


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