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"I wish we could go back in time"

Run Jump Scrap looks back - with only a few regrets - on how she has evolved as a mother


"Although she won't remember, I feel I wasn't myself through the first six months or so of her life. I didn't have PND; I know I was just adjusting and knackered. No one can tell what being a parent is going to be like and nothing can really prepare you. No matter how patronising this sound to people without kids, you won't know what has hit you.

Oh, hindsight, you are a wonderful thing. I wish I could go back in time and have those first six months with her again, knowing what I know now. I wish I could remember all the little details of her. I wish I hadn't worried so much about routine and how I would have a clingy baby if I cuddled her all the time. I wish I'd not stressed about her feeding all the time and I'd clung to her a little more afterwards."


Friday's blog of the day: "I'm so over my pregnant body"

Annie Writes Beauty says she hates the way pregnancy has made her look


"Pregnancy is crap. There, I said it.

I didn't think I'd dislike it as much as I do, but with only eleven weeks left I can't wait to see the end - and not just because we'll have our little bundle. From the nausea and headaches to my changing body, there isn't much I've enjoyed (although the naps and eating cake when I want do help).

I've briefly spoken about suffering with pre-natal depression but that's as far as I'll go with that, as I personally don't like discussing my mental health online. The hardest thing I've come up against is my body and how much it has changed. It just isn't mine anymore.

My body is doing something incredible: it's growing our little boy, and I find it fascinating. But, in a selfish way, I can't wait to have it back."

Thursday's blog of the day: Parent paranoia

The Mummy Bubble lists the everyday things that suddenly seem threatening now she's a mother


"Sometimes I see my life in headlines, ones that terrify me. I remind myself you can't allow these fears to take over your life, as then it's not much of a life for you or your family. It's easier said then done sometimes, but now our eldest is two and our youngest is seven months I feel I can relax a little. I've got them this far... but I still worry about lots of things, like plants. 'But they're so pretty,' you argue! You may think this is insane, but hold up.

Ever seen pictures of giant hogweed blisters on the skin? They are seriously grim and very painful. Along with that UK gardens and parks also have stinging nettles, daffodil bulbs, deadly nightshade and even mistletoe (ah, how romantic, it's trying to kill me!) lurking in the plant beds, waiting to STRIKE."

Wednesday's blog of the day: Self-care after birth

Make A Long Story Short on the little things that keep her sane during the first hectic months of motherhood


"It is entirely possible that when you have a small baby – say, less than six months old – that you will feel close to madness at times. Your other children, if you have them, still need feeding and clothing and relationshipping; your spouse would probably like a conversation every now and again; your baby thinks any moment not being held is a moment wasted.

And partly you crave those connections, and partly you want very much to run away to sea, where you might have to climb rigging but at least it will be quiet. I have felt it, tickling away at the edges of my consciousness: the growing suspicion that a padded room would be a nice place to spend a long weekend, provided they gave you a book.

I have to remind myself all the time, so I'm reminding you too: this. is. totally. normal."

Tuesday's blog of the day: Divorce - four years on

More Than Toast reflects on life after the end of her marriage - and decides that by 'winging it', she hasn't done badly at all

Woman alone outside

"Do I feel sad about my divorce? Yes, I think I always will. Nobody ever enters into marriage and then goes on to have kids thinking the relationship won't last.

Do I regret the experience? Not once: my marriage gave me two beautiful children and the divorce a lifetime of relationship experience, along with the motivation to provide for my family.

It's not something I'd recommend you aspire to in life, but it seems to be working out pretty OK for me, and I can tell you one thing: though I'd love to marry, I will never ever divorce again."

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