Is your blog fit and SEO friendly?

Think of your blog as an athlete in training. It probably looks good, but can it go the distance? Will it rank highly on Google? To find out just how healthy your blog is, try our quick blog SEO
 fitness test. 

Open up your most recent post and see if it will come first place in a search engine race:

  • Can you sum up the point of your post in two sentences?
  • Is the title short and catchy?
  • Is the title linked to the subject matter?
  • Does your introduction mention your post's topic by name?
  • Is the opening sentence enticing?
  • Is your writing clear?
  • Did you add keywords to your post? (Here's how)
  • Did you link to another post you've written? (This is called deep linking)
  • Did you use hyperlinks? (Here's how)
  • Did you add a picture and add an alt tag to the picture? (Here's how)
  • Did you publicise your blog using social media? 


If you answered Yes to 1-4 of those questions, you're a newbie blogger. Have a look at our How to Blog pages for more tips and instructions on how to create the blog beautiful, and how to increase your readership.

If you answered Yes to 4-8 of those questions, you're a seasoned blogger. For more in-depth advice on blogging and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), see how to attract loyal blog readers, when to blog anonymously and how to use a metatag

If you answered Yes to 8-10 of those questions, congratulations! You're a blogging pro. There are plenty of newbies over on our forum who're in need of your expertise and advice - why not head on over and lend a bit of blogging magic?

Last updated: 09-Apr-2013 at 2:40 PM